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I love food. All of it. For me, taste is definitely one of the pleasure senses and when the sweets roll out – forget it! But it is not just sweets, I truly love the taste, the color and the texture of food.

I am always looking for some scrumptious recipe to expand my repertoire. I am not a foodie, though. I am not the person searching for unusual or weird (to me) ingredients. Maybe I do not even know what it means to be a foodie! I just like good food.

Growing up in the mountains of Virginia, everyone had a garden. I grew up with a love of fresh vegetables. We all took a part in gardening, even as children. From preparing, to planting, to weeding, to harvesting and to preserving, food was important and mostly provided from our own work.

We did not eat a lot of meat that I recall. We usually had a big meal on Sunday which would include a meat dish accompanied by a lot of vegetable dishes. But there was also a pot of pinto beans on the stove to get us through the week.

Even in winter, vegetables were plentiful from the glass quart jars resulting from hours of arduous preserving by my grandmothers. It strikes me how far we have veered from that way of eating. Even things like cornmeal and meat were sourced from small local farms and mills.

Speaking of mills, the other day I was looking for buckwheat pancake mix in the grocery store. I was unsuccessful although I did find buckwheat flour. This sent me on a search for a recipe to make buckwheat pancakes — soon to be served in my kitchen. (I wrote an entire post about breakfasts prepared by my grandparents.)

Yes, I find food Scrumiddlyumptious, a word coined by the beloved Roald Dahl in “The BFG”. (I see WordPress thinks this is not a word, but it is a word in the Oxford English Dictionary!) I only need to readjust my portions of vegetables Vs. Sweets, a lingering malady left over from my holiday chocolate binge.

Speaking of food, I wonder what scrumptious thing I can fix for breakfast?

This post is part of Linda Hill’s Just Jot it January, an annual event to encourage writing every day for the month of January. Today, the prompt word scrumptious was supplied by little ole me.



33 thoughts on “JusJoJan – Food, Glorious Food”

    1. We never eat cheese much, Pete, because of the saturated fats. However, we indulged over the holidays as I did with chocolate. And I am not even a big fan of chocolate. Time to get back on track.

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      1. Cheese will be my undoing, Maggie. I have some almost every day. (At least five days a week, for sure) If not in a sandwich, then on crackers, or toasted on bread.
        Oh well, something’s got to get me! 🙂

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    1. I liked them too, John. But I also like a toaster. We gave it up in favor of a small toaster oven (hubby’s preference). It’s not the same!


  1. Fresh vegetables taste so much better from the garden when you grow them yourself. We used to do the same, and my mom & grandma would do a lot of canning in the summer. 🙂

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  2. We went the opposite route following the sweets weeks — we all started craving salad and crunchy veg over all, lol! We.had.enough.sweets. Even The Mister reached his threshold for sugar, which I thought was impossible.
    I am very excited to see the outcome of your buckwheat pancakes 😛 Please be detailed and share pics.

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    1. Good for you, Joey. We are finished with the sweets, too. I will definitely share pics of the buckwheat cakes!


  3. We didn’t over-sweet over the holidays, so I’m making up for it. I do like veggies, though. I think I might even reach for veggies instead of sweets…sometimes.

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  4. I LOVE veggies, and I love some meat too. But I can do without eating it and eat veggies instead. Right now I am feeding my dogs a special healthy diet I made up. I skin chicken quarters and then boil them in water with cilantro, turmeric, zucchini squash chopped finely and a bit of cumin. They all ate it as if it was the best thing they ever ate, and now Little Man, our smallest chihuahua, is so energetic you would think he just ate the best vitamins in the World. I just love vegetables of most every kind that I know now.

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