I Went On A Date With My Wife For The First Time In Over Two Years.

To my daughter – what a beautiful post. Even I was a little tears-eyed toward the end. Knowing how much you love and treasure each other and my granddaughter makes my heart swell.

I am reblogging and sharing because it hits home for so many people. Maintaining an intimate relationship between parents is so important when you are raising children. They see and learn about love from what they witness at home.

Two Moms And A Toddler

Okay. I’m just going to say it. My wife and I haven’t had an evening out for the two and a half years we’ve had our daughter and probably longer since we didn’t do much towards the end of my wife’s pregnancy. My wife was having difficulty breathing because our little one decided to rest on her diaphragm and she also had Complete Placenta Previa so we had to take life slow and easy ~ especially towards the end.

We don’t have any family here so if we want a night out, we would be up against the cost of the night out plus childcare. Now, we already pay between $960 and $1200 a month (depending on if it’s a four or five week month) for childcare Monday through Friday. This matters for two reasons. The first is that we already don’t spend MOST of our days with our child…

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