JusJoJan – And the Award Goes to the Dogs

Some of my favorite actors in movie and television have been dogs. Man’s best friend is often Hollywood’s best friend, too.

My top ten awards (Not in any order because they were all great dogs and amazing actors) go to:

  • Mother Teresa – the Newfoundland co-star in “Must Love Dogs”.
  • Einstein – Catalan Sheepdog starring with Christopher Lloyd in “Back to the Future”.
  • Petey – American Staffordshire Terrier in “The Little Rascals”.
  • Dug – Animated pup in the movie “Up”.
  • Brinkley – Golden Retriever appearing with Tom Hanks in “You’ve Got Mail”.
  • Verdell – Brussels Griffon who put Jack Nicholson through his paces in “As Good as it Gets”
  • The Beast – English Mastiff the junkyard dog who scared the kids in “Sandlot”
  • Dog – a Rough Collie starring with John Wayne in “Big Jake”
  • Old Dan and Little Ann – Redbone Coonhounds in “Where the Red Fern Grows”
  • Neil – Martini loving Saint Bernard ghost in the TV show “Topper”

There are many, many more, but these were my favorites. Do you have a dog actor you would like to nominate?

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