JusJoJan – To Subscribe or Not to Subscribe

Image Courtesy of Pixabay (Cropped)

There was a time I subscribed to a number of magazines. Southern Living, Jewelry Artist, Good Housekeeping, and Southwest Art to name a few.  But over the years with the availability of so much information online, I only subscribe to one – and that was recent. Dealing with the publishing companies and keeping track of renewing got to be too much. It probably took several years for the renewal notices to stop.

Then magazine brokers I’ll call them appeared on the horizon and found the perfect prey to peddle magazines. Children and schools. Over the years they offer schools a portion of sales and want the children to be their sales staff. But we all know what really happens. Most of the parents do the work.

Through the years, I have seen school aged children selling everything from gift wrap to candy to magazines. The prices are a premium, too. Honestly, I would rather buy some consumable product like a candy bar or a roll of birthday paper than subscribe to magazines. I did that once. It was not a good experience.

You give some unknown company your credit card information. They funnel it on to the publisher to handle the subscription. Then, what happens if the magazine never shows up? Try talking to the publisher and explaining how you bought the subscription. And then renewal time rolls around and well, they have your credit card information. Honestly, I would much rather write a check to the school for $36. They can have all those dollars.

The worst part to me is the incentive they give the kids. Some very inexpensive item will be gifted to them if they meet some quota. Most do not reach the quota and then disappointment ensues. Some parents meet the quota by hawking these things at work. And you know if you support one co-worker’s child, you feel pressured to support them all.

I did recently subscribe to a quarterly publication of Appalachian Magazine. I love reading stories about the place I call home. We will see if their stories are worth renewing.

Right now, one subscription is more than enough for me.

This post was inspired by Linda Hill’s Just Jot It January. Today’s inspiration word was supplied by Willow. Please check out both their blogs.