Truth – Tranquil Thursday #15

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What do I mean by a rat’s nest? Let’s see what Wiktionary says:

Something that is excessively complicated, entangled, or disorderly

I thought I would come here and write simplistically about truth, more specifically our personal truth. Simply defining a personal truth is complex. Is it our core beliefs, or is it the one thing we are willing to put our life on the line to protect?

I think back to those people who risked their lives to protect the victims of the Holocaust. To be caught would surely mean death. The same was true of the orchestrators of the Underground Railroad in America. Would I put my life on the line?

How does our personal truth stand up against universal truths? The last few years in the time of Covid and post-Covid, society seems to have migrated away from even finding universal truths we can all agree on.

Oh, no. Rabbit hole ahead. I thought about doctors and the Hippocratic oath. Only half of medical schools even pledge the Hippocratic oath upon graduation. Culture changes, medical advances, lifestyles, and laws make the Hippocratic oath slowly fading into the past.

So, a few questions about truth to ponder.

  1. Do you hold a personal truth?
  2. Do you hold a truth so powerful, you would put your life on the line to protect it?
  3. Do you hold universal truths? Is the sky blue? Is the world round?
  4. How do your religious or spiritual beliefs align with your personal truth?
  5. On a very simple level, how important is it that you are truthful in life and that people are truthful to you?

OneLinerWednesday – One of Those Days

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It feels like it is going to be one of those days…..

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My Mother’s Daughter – Becoming Me


Reblogging from my old blog, written almost five years ago.

A Life Worth Living

My nickname is MagCindy.

It’s one of two names my mother called me. I think I have held onto this for over sixty years because it makes me feel closer to my mom. I was 19 years old, one year out of high school and already in the Air Force when she died. It was a devastating loss which I have explored many times, but not today. Today is about a woman I wish I had known as a woman myself. I think we would have learned a lot from each other.

MyMomI was never a risk taker. Mom always was. She was fearless. I was fearFULL. Earlier today I heard someone say that you are never safe in life. But in death, you’re safe. Let that sink in. Since my mother died, I’ve gradually learned to be more like her, but boy has that taken a lot of effort…

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Book Launch – “Surviving Sue”

With permission I am sharing fellow blogger Dr. Victoria Atkinson’s launch for her book Surviving Sue. I have been waiting for news of the release date and was excited to see her post yesterday morning. I ordered my copy immediately.

The decision to write about family, especially close family, is never an easy one. It is even more challenging to articulate the journey of a parent who also suffers from mental health and addiction issues. In the months leading up to the launch date, Vicki has written openly and lovingly about the challenges involved in navigating this relationship while also trying to guard and protect her disabled sister in the process.

As someone who loves exploring genealogy and the effects of intergenerational relationships, I was immediately interested in her desire to write this book. I know from reading her posts, it required a lot of her emotionally.

I believe we heal when we tell our stories. I also believe those same stories have the power to heal those who read or hear them. I look forward to reading Surviving Sue and fully expect it to impact my own life.

I hope you will take the time to read Vicki’s post. If you do not already follow her, you may want to consider doing so.


Music in the Foothills

We had a great evening at our local art center last night. We met our friends to enjoy an open air concert performed by a regional group – Queen Bee and the Honeylovers.

Their music is an eclectic mix of swing, blues, Latin and jazz. They performed two hours of both original and classic music. It was really a lovely night with perfect weather.

I loved their original songs born out of the rich history of Asheville. This song “Beecham’s Curve” was based on the story her grandfather told about riding the streetcar in Asheville. There is a lovely clip of her grandfather’s story at the end of the video.

Here’s a short clip of a Bessie Smith song “Need a Little Sugar in My Bowl”.

It was a lovely evening with friends enjoying the first day of June.

You can find out more of their music on their website, streaming on Spotify, or available for download here.