JusJoJan – Does Chaos Invite Chaos?

Image by Peter H from Pixabay

I have discovered over the last few days I do not function well in chaos. I am not a neat freak or anything near that, but I do like for things to be orderly. At present they are not.

When I came downstairs for coffee this morning, the first words out of my mouth were about the chaotic mess that is our entire first floor. We are doing some minor remodeling in the bathroom. In an older home, though, nothing is ever minor. So my living area is covered with materials, towels, a partially constructed vanity, and just ‘stuff’ everywhere.

The morning spiraled after that comment. Did my reaction to the chaos invite even more chaos into my world? As soon as I had my first cup of coffee in hand, one of my lingering website clients sent me a text saying her website had been hacked and asking me if she should pay the host to fix everything.

I have regretted carrying these old clients along because the bottom line is, I do not wish to work anymore. Not like that.

So, an investigation ensued and money was spent (I had to renew a membership to the company I purchased the WP theme from in order to get tech support) only to find out the latest release of their software caused the problem. That will teach me to try to keep the software current! I followed the steps to delete the old software, apply the fix and then re-publish the website.

Long story short, the website was not hacked. It is fixed and back up and running and I am still in my pajamas finally enjoying a cup of coffee while I let my nerves calm down.

Did I invite this chaos into my life by reacting to the chaos that already exists? This is how I know I could never be a hoarder. I feel boxed in by ‘stuff’. Now all I want to do is go clear out even more junk in my house.

I am hoping that order will come out of chaos – eventually!

This post is part of Linda Hill’s Just Jot It January. The inspiration word today was provided by the lovely Ritu over at But I Smile Anyway. Check out both blogs for even more inspiration!