JusJoJan – Decisions, decisions

Just a few minutes ago, hubby was trying to decide whether to have a whole bagel or a half of one because they were so big. I, being the kind and understanding wife, offered to eat half of the bagel if he only wanted half. His response was, “Do you want a half of one? Or do you want a whole one?” to which I responded that he should eat what he wants and I will do whatever I decide. His response was so fitting (and would have been perfect for one-liner Wednesday). that I laughed out loud!


I’m going to go ahead and eat a whole bagel because it’s just a big hole in the middle.

He showed me the bagel as to prove his point. I am still chuckling because that looks like an average sized bagel hole to me.

I have been thinking about the stack of books I have to read. I received several for Christmas and I had a stack even before Christmas. Such a mix of authors and genre, each with their own appeal which made me think, “how do normal people decide what they want to read next?” I am not good at having multiple books in progress at the same time.

I am also working on writing a book of my own that I will most likely self-publish on Amazon at some point. I find reading other authors while I am writing helps my writing.

Then I must throw jewelry and art into the mix. I want to do it all! Am I the only one?

When hubby and I first married, we took a lot of creative journeys together. We were into stained glass for a while, then we took painting classes for a while and ended up getting into black and white documentary photography. Our children always asked about our ‘hobby of the month’. We certainly enjoyed it all.

Someone once told me you cannot ever be really good at more than one thing because they take away from each other. I pondered that for a while and came to realize I wasn’t trying to achieve greatness. I was just doing things I enjoyed. Why did people want me to decide on one thing?

Now that I am retired, those hard decisions we make about things like careers are no longer on the radar. I am thankful for that. No more work-related stress. We both had high-stress jobs throughout our careers. We watch our children making those same types of hard decisions now.

It makes me thankful I only need to decide what book to read or what creative endeavor I want to undertake. Now about that bagel…

This post is written as a part of Just Jot it January hosted by Linda Hill. The prompt today was ‘mix’ provided by John Holton.