Ch Ch Ch Changes…

Yesterday I made some changes to my blog. I removed a menu item and added another one where I will feature some art of the week. These will also be tagged and appear on my blog, too. I have also changed the number of blog entries I keep on my home page. They will, of course, still be available on my blog page, The Journey Home.

8F72B746-2FD6-4A67-968D-0DF84E13B0E3I went completely off my normal diet during the holidays. I threw caution to the wind. I overdosed on chocolate of all things and I am not even a big chocolate fan. We had Lindt truffles and Ghirardelli chocolates and who can forget the Ghirardelli brownies. We bought those in bulk at Costco. I took a packet of the mix with us when we went to visit our grandchildren. I snapped a picture of the directions so I could make them while I was there. Technology does have its advantages.

Now it is time to get back on track. We had a nice ‘clean’ meal last night. We have the art of grilling chicken down to a science now. It was good to eat a healthy meal. We still have lettuce in the garden so I might just fix a nice green salad for lunch today. I am anxious to get back to eating avocados daily, too, so a trip to Costco might be in order.

I have been experimenting taking photos of some of the jewelry I have been making. I want to display them on my new FaceBook page. I am spending much more time designing and making jewelry than I have been. It makes me happy. Opportunities to create are abundant. I have several classes/workshops upcoming, too.

I also experimented with new themes for my blog again yesterday but did not find one I like better than this one. While I was milling around, I took note of the stats. I am starting the year with 445 followers. Most of whom do not have completed Gravatars. I will not harp on this again, but it is important to the bloggers you follow to understand who you are and possibly follow you back.  The stats showed 9 ‘Comments Followers’ and I have no idea what that means.

I also appreciate those who left referrals for bloggers who write about self publishing. I appreciate all the knowledge and information they share. The book I want to write is morphing into something totally different than I had first imagined. Change and growth. That’s what it’s all about.

0D26C8E5-E7E3-428C-8CCE-C1BA58621BBESpeaking of changes, I have two huge camellia blooms out back. I am struggling to remember if this is normal or if it is happening because our weather has been so warm.

It is usually moderate here but we do have spells of cold and snow in winter. None here yet, though. Last year before Christmas we had a very wet and heavy snowstorm which had us unable to leave home and without power for a few days. We have seen nothing like that thus far. January could be a totally different story.

Today is the day I call and make an appointment for a haircut. I will add some purple and blue and maybe some pink back into my otherwise almost all gray hair.

Then there is the appointment for an eye exam. Time for a new prescription!

I am just riding the wave and going with the flow.

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