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JusJoJan – Busy, busy

I remember chuckling because my mother-in-law stayed so busy when she retired. Now I get it. We finally get to stay busy doing what we want!

I finally got around to taking some photos of the jewelry I’ve been making. These are some of the photos from David and Molly’s Silveramics ®️ Workshop. (Design concepts by David and Molly.)  I hear there are still openings for their February class in Mexico!

The focal points of the jewelry pieces are made from blended colors of porcelain clay. It was such a great workshop and now that I know more what to expect, I have more ideas!

58E1A9A1-4867-4C95-8812-9AECD519E141I also finally got around to polishing the last pair of earrings I made. These are my own design. Sterling silver with a textured interior. This is the thing. I worked hard to make these. Afterward, I learned a much easier way to make the curve. So, I live and learn! The next time, it will go much faster.

This afternoon we are going to help my grandson celebrate his 18th birthday. I cannot believe how fast this time has flown.

It seems like only yesterday…

This post is part of Linda Hill’s Just Jot It January writing inspiration. Today’s inspiration word was given to us by Saumya.


28 thoughts on “JusJoJan – Busy, busy”

  1. Staying busy is easy when you’re doing something you enjoy. Your jewelry is very nice looking. I particularly like the one that is your design. Of course you made me curious about how you formed the curve. I periodically work with metal, but I’m not usually worried about a jewelry-like finish.

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    1. Dan, I appreciate you looking. I first cut he silver into shape, annealed it, patterned in a rolling mill, then shaped by hand with pliers. I could have annealed, then used dapping channels of graduated sizes to form the curves. That would have gone a lot faster!

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  2. Wow times 6! Your creativity always leaves me speechless! These are beautiful, ESPECIALLY your design. Do you have enough to open a jewelry shop yet? Can I be #1 on line??!! Lol
    Can’t believe your grandson is 18 already! I’m sure celebrating was great fun. 😊

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      1. You don’t owe me a gift! I’m just so proud of you and in awe of your talents i would totally support you by being a customer! 🤩😍


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