1LinerWeds & JusJoJan – Road Trip

I am off to see two of my grandchildren today. It is an impromptu trip because they are out of school. We are going to lunch and who knows, maybe somewhere to buy some books. I love to buy them books.

Our granddaughter’s reading level is advanced beyond her class. Her teacher encouraged her parents to buy her some books that would encourage research. I found a print on demand book about a wolf named Journey who was tagged and tracked from Oregon to California where he found his mate and his pack. She loved it and has already done a report on the book. (I know because she read the entire report to me over FaceTime. 🥰)

Our grandson is younger and he can also read well, but he does not enjoy it like his sister. He dreams of being a “YouTuber” someday 🙄 even though he is only allowed on YouTube with his parents. Tech Wiz’s both of them.

Today they are excited I am coming over. Even if we do nothing, they are excited to see me.

“Our faces will become works of art that our grandchildren will treasure.”
Adriana Trigiani

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30 thoughts on “1LinerWeds & JusJoJan – Road Trip”

  1. That is so sweet! I hope you all have a wonderful, meaningful visit today! What a great grandma you are to buy them books and encourage their love for reading, it is so important!

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      1. I don’t think that’s going to happen with us. They love it where they are and we have settled in here too much to consider a change. Now, I understand how it was for my parents when my sister and I flew the coup.


      1. Which authors book did you purchase? There are two books written about the same wolf..Journey for both.

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  2. Fab quote. Now I wonder if the Big Stone Gap gal has any new books I should be reading…
    Anyway, that’s delightful. I hope y’all had a nice day of lunch and maybe book buying 🙂

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