The Chaos Before the Storm

Day 340

In the early morning hours Wednesday, my daughter was taken to the ER. It was serious. I made plane reservations and two hours later I was on a plane to Florida.

She is improved and out of the hospital, but she is only improved, not well. A doctor’s visit will tell us what is next.

Today I will care for my granddaughter who is a little under the weather, too.

It is chaos here. There is a major hurricane headed this way. The grocery stores have no water. They will soon be void of all staples. There are lines at the gas stations. People react from memory and from fear. They hoard supplies.

I may be here a while. I have the best husband. I left him to care for our grandson by himself next week. We are strong apart, but better when we are together.

Hold a good thought for my daughter. And for us.


24 thoughts on “The Chaos Before the Storm”

  1. I hope you all make it through the hurricane unscathed. There is so much going on in your lives. I will continue to pray for your daughter and her sweet family. Sending love to all. As my dear aunt says make sure you keep some for yourself.

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