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SoCS – The Simplicity of a Couch

Day 342

Today, Linda again provides a place for us to practice stream of consciousness writing. Her prompt today is:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “couch” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!

Since my daughter has been home, the couch has been the place where she has recovered nestled under her favorite blanket with her family around her.

We have spent time sitting on the couch talking, watching my granddaughter’s favorite movies, waiting for news about the storm and even releasing the tears of pent up worries.

At night I have gone out on the patio to sit on the outdoor sofa to chat with hubby. Bella, their feral rescue cat, takes that as an immediate invitation to sit and be petted. She considers the outside furniture her domain.

When I was younger I longed to be fancy and call our sofa a divan or a settee. Then my cousin talked about having a chesterfield and I thought nothing could ever be finer in comparison to our plain old vanilla couch.

The storm track has moved out to sea as of this morning. We are no longer in the ‘cone’. But we all know the storm is capable of changing at any moment. No one is letting their guard down but we would all love to couch any further hurricane discussions.

My daughter is much improved today although she has been sleeping a lot. I am praying we have rounded a corner and it will be better from this point forward.

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