Black and White

Day 320, Part Two

My mind is swirling in a world of inequality today. I made the mistake of reading too many shocking headlines. This song drifted into my mind.

I wondered if it would make a difference if everything we saw was black and white. I looked around my house and noticed the shades of light and dark. One can not truly be seen and enjoyed without the other. There must be a balance.


If the picture was all one dimension, it would simply disappear. Maybe that is where we are headed. I hope not.


When I studied documentary photography, we always shot using black and white film. It is the equalizer. We are not distracted by the color. Everything is but a shade of the other.


Why are we scared of something different? We are all made up of the same chemistry.


We are not as different as we think. I am curious about why we complicate things.


It’s funny how the same object looks different just because of the way it reflects the light.

I cannot rest thinking about the children who came home and found no one there to greet them. I cannot rest thinking about why money is more important than human life. I cannot rest knowing the truly evil are unscathed. I cannot rest knowing the rich victimize the poor and our government enjoys this game of life and death. I cannot rest until this is no longer the face of America.


For You Lucky UK Readers

Day 320

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