Holding Steady

Day 341

Thank you to everyone who has left such warm and supportive messages. You will never know how much they all mean.

It was an early morning. We got up at 6:30 am to be at the grocery store when it opened. We were able to get water and managed to pick up the last of the supplies we needed. We even managed to find a gas station that still had gas, so we filled up the car.

My daughter had a rough day but was feeling some better this evening. Surgery is on the horizon but cannot be scheduled until later this month. I am here until after the storm and until she is back on her feet.

The projected track of the storm is shifting. Everyone is on high alert waiting to see where it will ultimately go. It is an anxiety-ridden exercise in futility. We are waiting and watching which is all you can do.

The only good scenario for anyone would be if it pushed out to sea.


14 thoughts on “Holding Steady”

  1. Sending all good thoughts and positive energy, Maggie. I hope that where you and your family are stays safe. Glad that you’ve got water, gas, and provisions.

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    1. We were prepared,Lisa, and the storm seems to have turned. I am hopeful no one need worry. Thank you for the good thoughts.


    1. Thank you Dan. As of this morning, the storm seems to be tracking out away from the coast of Florida. It is early, but we are optimistic.

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  2. Prayers and good wishes to you and your family. G-d willing the storm will avoid your area. Glad you are as prepared as you can be. I hope your daughter finds some comfort while she waits for the doctors.

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