Strange Happenings in BlogLand

Day 323

Yesterday I received a message from a friend who follows my blog. She said she had to quit reading my blog online because every time she did, she received this message:

IMG_5694A few things at play here. First of all, I had my blog set up to only send an excerpt of my blog to the email. That means the reader must go to my blog to actually read the update. Secondly, I did a quick bit of research and it did not take long to discover this is a scam trying to get people to click on whatever sleazy thing they have going on.

The thing I am not sure of is where this comes from. I thought it might be a browser hijack. The suggestions online were to clear the browser history and just ignore the message. Well, that sounds well and good, but those types of messages are annoying and the chance of accidentally clicking are ever-present.

So, in the interim, I updated my blog settings to send the entire blog to the email so it can be read in its entirety there. Not an ideal solution because I can get windy at times. The other downside is that this impacts my stats showing me how many people visit my blog and if they read the post. Anyone have any hints to share?

Then, this morning I was surprised there were no comments on the blog I wrote yesterday. I always preview my blog before posting, but I did not think to look at it once published. It seems the ‘allow comments’ setting was unticked. This is the second time this has happened and unfortunately went unnoticed.

I generally write my blogs on my iPad over my morning coffee. On the WordPress app, I do not recall seeing a way to change this setting per blogpost. To rectify this, I pulled out my laptop and edited the blogpost and sure enough, the comment box was unticked.

I also wrote about some blogs I follow falling out of WordPress reader. I only had to go back to the blog and unfollow and refollow to set things straight again.

After reading lots of posts where people are having difficulty with the Gutenberg editor on WordPress, I am not anxious to introduce even more problems. I will stick to things as they are.

Moving my blog is still on my radar, but ughh – not looking forward to that either.

How’s YOUR Monday?