Dipping My Toe in Holiday Waters

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Last year, our holidays were difficult. My mother-in-law was fighting metastasized breast cancer that had spread into her bones. She was in a great deal of pain most of the holiday season and passed away just a few days before Christmas. It was hard to enjoy much of the holiday. I suppose this is why my thoughts have been drifting into Christmas; No apologies given.

Two of the nearby radio stations started playing Christmas music constantly around the clock. For me, this was nice because I could listen a little when the mood strikes me. I know there is Christmas overload in our country, but some people, like me, have reasons for wanting to extend the joy of the holidays. Now I am not going to decorate my house now, but if you want to, I will support you for whatever makes you happy.

We have an internet radio hubby bought me for my birthday a few years ago. Last night he discovered a way to connect his SiriusXM to my internet radio. I will certainly enjoy listening as I work in the house. There are 8 holiday stations, including Radio Hanukkah so that will be fun to explore.

My mind was drifting to holiday candies we enjoyed as children. The first one that came to mind were little golden peanut butter filled pillows. These came in a can and from my research they are still available for purchase. I loved these little morsels! Unfortunately, my late in life peanut sensitivity will not allow me to enjoy them, but you can!

One of my other favorites was ribbon candy. Now, this I am extremely picky about. The ribbon candy MUST be thin. There are lots of lesser quality ribbon candy, but my advice would be to stay away from those. The brand I am most familiar with is Sevigny’s, now made by F.B. Washburn candy company. This photo shows the peppermint variety, but my favorite is the multicolor which you can see on Amazon or other online sites.

Adrigon (, „PeppermintRibbonCandy“,

Washburn’s also sells a variety of filled candy which was never my favorite but was always present in our home.

Now, being raised in Virginia, one of my all time favorites are the boxes of stick candy made locally by Helms Candy Company. This company was just down the road from my grandparent’s farm and has been in business since 1906. I still buy the Virginia Beauty assorted candy sticks, but the peppermint candies were a staple at Christmas.

Homemade candy was always big at our house during the holiday season, too. My mother was a master at making the often failing divinity fudge. We always had peanut butter fudge made with both brown sugar (penuche or caramel) and cocoa powder. Being a kid, the best part was eating the samples from the old fashioned soft ball test. I loved waiting for the hot sugar mixture to be dropped into a glass of cold water. And of course who can forget the rolled refrigerator cookies some people call peanut butter potato candy?

Of course, when I lived in Maine, every Christmas meant Needhams. This is a Mound or Almond Joy type of candy made with mashed potatoes, and coconut.

So, no, I am not thinking about decorating any time soon, but I am enjoying thinking about the holidays and remembering the memories from my past.

I am not ready for the stores to go full blown holiday, but in my own space where I can control it, I am having fun.

For those who might want to criticize me, I say, you do you and I’ll do me.