Tuesday’s Top of the Heap

View from my front door

There are a lot of miscellaneous things tumbling through my mind this Tuesday afternoon. So I thought I should tackle them all at one time.

Health Issues

Yesterday we had our bloodwork for our annual physicals today. No major concerns, just one or two things to adjust in our lifestyle. If you are of Medicare age, I learned there are three questions the doctor is required to ask you:

  1. Are you dizzy or have you had any falls at home?
  2. Do you have any bladder leakage?
  3. Do you have any depression?

The other useful thing I learned is that for every extra pound of weight we carry, it puts 4-6 pounds of pressure on our joints. Now that is some incentive to drop a few pounds.

I need more exercise because I have gotten a little lethargic as of late. I actually do better when it is cooler weather. Hot weather and I do not get along.

Blog Things

Over the weekend, I went over 400 followers on my blog. I appreciate all the real followers and I realize that many are also people or businesses looking for links to push their Google rankings. If you hope my blog will do that for you, Ha! Good luck with that.  I will be spending some time after NaNoWriMo to visit more of my followers’ blogs.


Nano has not gone so well the last few days. I definitely have some catch up work to do. A few people have asked when they could read my novel to which I chuckle. Heads down writing (for me at least) requires a lot of editing after the fact. Let’s just say it will be a long time before these words see the light of day.


It is getting colder here by the minute and the wind has been pretty constant. We had momentary power outages over night. I did call and have propane delivered (ouch) as our weather is supposed to be pretty cold for the coming week. Not as cold as other parts of the country and we are warm enough not to get any snowfall this time around.  To you guys in the really COLD areas, please stay warm and take care to be safe.


Most of our trees have lost their leaves. The trees that did have colorful foliage will most likely be devoid of any leaves after this cold front passes through. Then we will just be left with the dry leaves on the birch trees. They have such a loud rustle in the winter winds. I am looking forward to some snowfall as long as I do not need to go out in it too much.

Home Projects

The inspector is due here tomorrow to inspect the newly installed hot water heater. It is one of those frustrating windows — sometime between 8:00 am and 4 pm. I think he will sign off on everything but it is just sitting and waiting all day for him to arrive. But, in the overall scheme of things, that is a very small problem to have.

I am not sure we will get much else done between now and the first of the year. Once Thanksgiving arrives and we start on holiday decorating and family festivities, everything else takes a back seat.

That’s all that bubbled up to the top for me today. More tomorrow providing we have not lost our internet or our cell towers. That is one of the challenges living amongst the trees.

(Just as I hit update, we lost power. I might be psychic. This update done via cell which we could lose shortly as well.)