Turkey Tales

Image Courtesy of Pixabay

Coming on Thanksgiving I am grateful for the many wonderful holidays I have to remember. These memories often have a funny story or two.

In a prior marriage, my mother-in-law came for Thanksgiving. I was preparing the bird for stuffing. She had already let me know how foolish I was on a few things around the kitchen so the day was less than perfect.

As I had the bird ready and was about to load the first spoonful of stuffing inside the cavity, she shrieked. “You aren’t going to leave the lungs in there are you?”

Well, I did not know there were lungs so yes I was. I have no shame. Needless to say, this forever changed my relationship with poultry.

Then there was the Thanksgiving we had a power outage. The turkey was half cooked. When the power did not come back on, my dad decided to cut the turkey in half and cook it on the grill. Needless to say that had a disastrous end. I don’t remember what we ended up eating that year but it was not turkey!

There was also another Thanksgiving at my Dad’s. The table was set, the side dishes were on the table and everyone was seated. My step-mom walked into the dining room carrying a big beautifully browned turkey. Just as she started to set the platter down she turned around and took it back to the kitchen. It seems she saw the paper bag with the giblets still inside poking out the back of the turkey. At least it was nicely browned as well!

Throughout the years, we have had laughs about our turkey fiascos. They are all part of the memory threads that make up my life. And for that, I am thankful.

Do you have a turkey story to share?