Lost In the Swirl

This is the third or fourth time I started my blog today. I am feeling a bit like Ms. Cranky Pants writing a paragraph or two and then deleting it. It is not that I do not have anything to write about, it is just the opposite. There are TOO many things I could write about.

I feel like blaming my foul mood on politics and the impeachment hearings would be a valid reason for my crankiness. Of course I could also blame it on the unexpected call I received this morning that ruffled my feathers and interrupted my morning routine. I could blame it on not getting enough sleep last night and my inability to pull cohesive thoughts together.

Instead, I will tell you how happy I am to be sitting in this sunbeam pouring through my windows.  I feel like a cat whose happiness depends on that single solitary beam of sunlight flooding the floor. It makes the coffee just a little richer and a tiny bit little sweeter.

My thoughts drift to these huge leaves on the tree outside our living room so I took a break to walk outside. The leaves near the ground are huge, at least 10 inches long. They are remarkable. Maybe a Bur Oak but it will take a little research to know for sure.

I did a short walk around the house. The camellias are perplexing. They have buds, flowers, and dying blooms all on the same bush. It must be a confusing season for the plants. But regardless of their stage of life, there is some beauty to be found.

There is a Downy Woodpecker at the feeder not at all worried about the swirl I was feeling. He is just doing what woodpeckers do. Suddenly I feel calmer. More at ease. Less caught up in the chaos. Nature has some magical powers.