Winter Sale at Juicybeads Jewelry!


If you are shopping for holiday gifts, you should check out my good friend’s beautiful creations!

Juicybeads Jewelry

Hey Juicy Jool Lovers!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, which means that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are hot on its heels.  I’m getting a jump on that retail madness by having a sale on my site right now, 15% off everything and free shipping on orders over $25.00.

When I say “everything”, I mean it.



Eyeglass Chains!


And Keychains, which make lovely and colorful stocking stuffers:

All jewelry and accessories are sent in a gift box, ready for the holidays!  The sale runs until November 30, 2019.  Come and see the colorful and juicy jewelry at!

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On Being Thankful

We are coming up on Thanksgiving here and it is a good time to reflect on the things for which I am thankful. We are all aware of the good things present in our lives but sometimes it is nice to write them down.

This morning was not as cool as we expected, so during our morning walk the temperature was 42° F. I bundled up but still managed to sweat the last half of the walk. I  always know when my heart rate gets up. My hands finally get warm and I start opening up the layers to cool off. I am so thankful that we are healthy enough to get out and walk.

The bonus of getting out early is we have an opportunity to see the way the sun reflects off the trees as it comes up over the mountains. It can be glorious like this morning. The colors are not that vivid normally. That is all the sun dancing across the mountain top.


I love modern day technology and I am thankful I have the tools availableI can use to blog and share these photos. I like Apple products and even though I do not care for the expense, I am thankful how productive I can be while using them. AirDrop Is my technology best friend.

We will not be cooking at our house this year. Although I am a little sad there will be no big gathering of family here, I am thankful we are close to some family members and will enjoy the holiday time with them.

Friday, after Thanksgiving is over, we will drive north toward Waynesville, NC and select a Christmas tree. It is a drive we enjoy and is often where we see our first snowfall of the year. After our tree is cut and loaded in the truck, we will enjoy a cup of warm apple cider or hot chocolate courtesy of the tree farm. I am thankful we are still able to wrangle a big tree into our house and decorate it for the coming holiday season.

Now I am off to toast an ‘Everything’ bagel and enjoy a glass of orange juice. I hope your day is full of things to be thankful for.