#ThursdayDoors — Sort Of

Day 319 Part Two

This is my first and possibly last post of doors. I do not travel much and where I live, well, there are not new doors to discover every week.

But today…

Well, I am not sure these doors qualify because they are not attached to buildings. We went to a local antique bar and they had some interesting doors.

Cool Blue
Wash Room
I thought these were tiny doors but no…
Red and blue
I live in horse country
I liked the light falling on these doors
Once grand entrance I think

Thank you for the opportunity, Norm!


13 thoughts on “#ThursdayDoors — Sort Of”

  1. One of our favorite (antiques) to admire……doors! We have several photos of old doors and love looking in salvage places and watching home renovation shows that incorporate old doors in their designs! These are totally neat!

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  2. My husband repurposed a found screen door as an entrance to his blueberry fortress(patch). Hard to see how anyone could use these, but it would be fun to try.

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  3. Welcome to #ThursdayDoors Maggie. This is an impressive first entry. Architectural antiques stores are a treasure trove of amazing door finds and this place is no exception.
    My favourite shot is the one right after the green horse door. It has an interesting mix of wood and metal and you’re right, the way the light was hitting it is just so pretty.
    Nicely done and by all means, do feel free to join in again 🙂


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