Memories Past and Memories in the Making

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Day 319

Yesterday was the 9th anniversary of my sister Rosie’s passing. I think this is the first year I had not been counting down the days and dreading the arrival of the day. This year I didn’t remember until later in the day. That is how I want it, though. I want to move beyond the grief and celebrate all the days of her life rather than dwelling on the days of her illness preceding her death. She deserves more than that.

I wrote a lot about my grief and the loss of my sisters in my prior blog. I do not want to repeat all of those feelings here. If you care to read, you can read Things I Cannot Tell You by clicking here. I am holding her life in my heart today. She lived out loud for sure.

Yesterday afternoon our oldest grandson came up to spend a little time with us. He is going into his senior year in two weeks and will be applying to college soon. This age is remarkable. So mature in so many ways, yet still that little boy we have loved from the very start.

Last night we watched two Pink Panther movies (the remakes with Steve Martin). We picked up Thai food (I was pleased he wanted to try it) and ate in front of the TV which he is not allowed to do at home. Then we progressed to the dining room where we laughed while playing three games of Yahtzee. We each won one game so it was well balanced. When he was little, he was such a poor loser. He and Grandpa loved to gang up on me when we played strategy games. As he grew, so did his mind. I remember one game of Risk where he took over the world!

We played what he calls the Wikipedia Game. It is a six degrees of separation type game. The play entails all players starting at a given Wikipedia page. Then the goal is to follow links through Wikipedia until one player wins by finding his or her way to a very dissimilar Wikipedia page. One example was going from the Wikipedia definition for space to the Wikipedia definition of cat. It was a lot of fun for someone with nerdy tendencies like me. I was trying to explain the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon game until he said he couldn’t play that because he did not know all those old actors. Ha!

We offered snacks before gong to bed. He declined. He just started training for cross country so he is very focused on what he eats. So disciplined!

I am up but he is still sleeping up in the guest room. We will hang out today and he will head home in the afternoon sometime. It is so nice to have him here. This is another visit to place in the memory banks.

Hubby is waiting on a call about our whole house generator. Yesterday the top literally blew off the battery. He was outside and it sounded like a gun going off. I ran outside to see him standing beside the generator. Luckily everything was contained, so he was not hurt. Neither of us had ever seen anything like that happen, so we will have someone come and check it out before just simply replacing the battery.

Just another day in the life here. Memories past and memories in the making. I would not want it any other way.


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