Journals Galore – #JusJoJan

Can one have too many journals? If you are a writer or an artist, I would think your answer, like mine, might be no.

I am a sucker for a beautiful journal. The cover, the weight, and the binding and stitching are important. If I intend to use the journal for writing, it must open fully and lie flat. Please, none of those poorly machine-made journals that lose their pages upon opening.

When I take a writing class, I favor a spiral notebook. I rarely think what I write in a class is ready for a pristine journal. The exception is when I studied The Artist’s Way – I had a large 8.5×11 hard back journal I used for my morning pages. I may destroy it someday as I have other journals in my life. Journals that include therapeutic writing sometimes have a limited life. Once through traumatic times, I feel no need to keep the words that now serve as painful reminders of things I have overcome.

I have small journals from a time when travel was possible. I like having something small and easy to tuck in a pocket or a backpack to record life as it unfurls

Artists love sketchpads – each having their own weighted and textured paper. But I also use small unlined journals for sketching. The smooth paper allows for quick sketches and I love the portability.

Of course, I love a good bookstore. I always tend to end my visit by visiting the journal section. I love a journal with a good inspirational quote, or a soft pliable cover with good paper and a strong binding.

I wonder how many journals I have on hand? Probably more than one might think necessary, but then I might just disagree with you.

Written as part of Linda Hill’s JusJoJan.

Prompt word today (journal) submitted by Scarlet from Scarlett79.