Throwback Thursday #20 & #JusJoJan – Decorating

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This week’s prompt is: Decorating Your Space

My post follows:

Until I was a junior in high school, I had always shared my room with my two sisters. Some of the rooms were in my grandparents homes, some in a rental, and some in very small bedrooms where it was all you could do to house three girls. We never imagined being able to decorate our rooms to fit our personalities – we were all so different!

The last room we shared was probably about 12’x12’ with two twin beds and one trundle bed. When the trundle bed was pulled out, there was no floor space!  Thinking back, my parents did not have art on their walls, I don’t think we ever considered decorating the room.

Co-ed magazine from Ebay

When they both moved out, I found that cramped room rather lonely. When we took home economics economics class, we were given a subscription to Co-ed magazine – anyone remember that? Anyway, they held a contest asking for submissions of your dream bedroom design. The winner would get their room remade free!

I set about designing a room with a round bed! I remember how awkward it was trying to design nightstands or dressers that would make sense with a round bed, but I just KNEW I was going to win that contest! I was wrong.

I joined the Air Force right out of high school. In basic training and tech school, all our rooms looked alike. Bare dorm-like rooms with twin beds.When I was finally assigned to my permanent base all that changed. Personality was born!

I was a shift worker and my first roommate and I did not hit it off.  She was always sneaking her boyfriend into our room (conveniently located right by the fire escape). I slept during the day and at lunch, she and a friend would come to our room and smoke pot. I was very naive and a such a rule follower – this was my first exposure to drugs. I looked forward to moving out of that room with a great deal of anticipation.

My next roommate and I became great friends. We painted our room yellow and orange and had tons of posters, wall to wall. We had matching bedspreads adorned with typical 70s flowers of yellow and orange. It was adorned with black lights and strobe lights, too. I had a mushroom shaped stool covered in white fur that sat on a white fur rug. We had fishnet strung in one corner with stuffed animals balanced inside.

My room was filled with books about time travel, reincarnation and astral projection –  my mystic period! 😂 – and a nice stereo and speakers that took up 1/3 of the room. We had a curtain of beads hung on the inside of the doorframe. It was a hippie paradise and my closet was filled with clothes that matched the image.

I may have been late to the game, but I was very creative when the time finally came.

Written as part of Linda Hill’s JusJoJan.

Prompt word today (anticipation) submitted by Pamela from Butterfly Sand.