Comfort of Spirit – #JusJoJan

As soon as I saw the prompt word this morning I thought of the church we attended when I was growing up in the Valley. It was small, but welcoming and even now the memories are palpable – I close my eyes and feel like I am there.

Our church did not have an organ – just a simple upright piano. The piano was always played by a member of the congregation. We did not have a choir, but our little congregation sang with full hearts. Hymns became a part of every day life. I have written here before about my grandmother singing hymns as she worked.

The hymn that came to mind was “Master the Tempest is Raging”. I loved the chorus, the precise notes held, the emphasis of peace.  The song was always one of my favorites.

Written in 1874 by Mary A. Baker and scored by Horatio R. Palmer, it was written at the request Dr. Palmer on the theme of Christ calming the tempest. The song was originally published under the title “Peace Be Still” which is how I know the song. The message of keeping faith in trying times certainly applies today.

The times we are living in certainly qualify as a tempest. Sometimes the tempest lives within us, not just as an outside influence. Having faith in the goodness of people and the hope that the inherent kindness of humanity will prevail is not always easy.

But that’s what faith is – maintaining hope even in the most trying circumstances.

Written as part of Linda Hill’s JusJoJan.

Prompt word today (tempest) submitted by Liz from Valley of the Trolls.