SoCS & JusJoJan – In the…

Today’s post is a combination SoCS and a JusJoJan (rules here) post, both hosted by the lovely and talented Linda Hill. Check out Linda’s place to get the scoop on SoCS and check out all the great responses.

Today’s prompt is as follows:

Your prompt for #JusJoJan and Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “In the.” Start your post with the words “In the” – that’s the prompt! Enjoy!

How about an SoCS fiction piece? This should be fun.

“In the event I should pass under mysterious circumstances, consider our pastor your prime suspect. You will find my will in the safe along with all my stocks and bonds and Grandmother Freidrich’s diamonds.”

“Mom’s crazy.”

“You mean she was crazy.”

“That’s not funny, Tommy. You know Father Stevens had nothing to do with this. You know how mom was always scribbling down ideas for her next book.”

“How would we know? She confided everything in him. Who knows what she told him – or what he told her!”

“Maybe they were having an affair!”

Tommy and Meredith laughed at the idea. Father Stevens with his crooked nose and diminutive stature would never have appealed to their mother. She always demanded the best of everything, and their pastor with the lisp was as unlikely as they get.

Mr. Evans and Father Stevens arrived at the same time. Tommy, Meredith and Father Stevens were all named in the will so all had to be present for the reading. A month had passed since the funeral. It was a beautiful service, one Charlotte Freidrich would have been particularly pleased to attend herself. The church was packed. Charlotte loved a good event after all.

Once all the appropriate greetings had taken place, the three of them took a seat on the couch.

“Children, it seems your mother made a recent change to the will. Father Stevens brought it to my attention shortly after the funeral.”

Meredith and Tommy stared at each other, stunned.

“I, Charlotte Marie Freidrich, being of sound mind and body do declare this my last will and testament. To my children, I leave the estate house along with the 120 acres and associated buildings to be divided equally between them. The remainder of my estate to include all cash, stocks, bonds and jewelry to my spiritual advisor and confidant Father Stevens.”

“I’m afraid that is the will in it’s entirety.” Mr. Evans found it hard to look the children in the eye, but he noticed the smile Reverend Stevens tried to mask.

Tommy squeezed Meredith’s hand while staring at Mr. Evans in disbelief. There was no way to perform an autopsy now that their mother had been cremated and buried.