Joy Feeds the Soul – #JusJoJan

I woke up in a joyful mood this morning. Everything I have seen, watched, or read seems to have an element of joy contained within it. Is that the law of attraction at work or does joy simply show up on your doorstep when you need it the most?

Last night the moon was bright in the sky. It reflected off the snow so brightly – nature’s nightlight. This morning is a sunny and beautiful winter day. There will be a gradual melting of the snow as the temperatures rise.

I saw this video while I was enjoying my coffee this morning. It made me feel such joy, and joy – like love – should be spread. I hope you find it as inspiring as I did. Plants give off bio rhythms and this device uses those rhythms to generate music. This video is from mushrooms in Hawaii.

I received an email a few days ago. In 2022, our high school graduating class will be celebrating our 50th reunion. Whew! 50 years is a long time. I am ever thankful to have reached this stage in my life. All the aches and pains are minor inconveniences to be able to experience the joys that surround me.

A song popped in my head this morning that I have not thought of in years. I know this song well, and honestly I do not remember it as a hymn. Of course I had to find a version sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford. It makes me happy. Maybe if we all could focus on brightening the corner where we are, the world would be a lighter and brighter place.


Written as part of Linda Hill’s JusJoJan.

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