The Generosity of Others – #JusJoJan

The posts about generosity have been moving this morning. As I started to write my post, the post about Mary Smith’s upcoming memorial service came through. It took my breath away. Mary was such a kind and generous blogger and seeing another post come from her account made me miss her even more.

I have been the recipient of such generosity in my life. There is a humility necessary to step back and admit you have needs you cannot meet and to accept the generosity of others. I have known what it is like to be poor and struggling. Sadje’s poem this morning speaks of generosity – the giving and receiving – so elegantly. You can read it here.

I am humbled by the generosity shown me throughout my life. I have often received gifts from others through a veil of tears, fearing judgement when none was there. There is much to be learned about life and humanity through simple acts of generosity.

Written as part of Linda Hill’s JusJoJan.

Prompt word today (generositysubmitted by Sadje from Keep It Alive.