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Happy Birthday, Daddy – SoCS

Linda‘ prompt today is perfect. Check out her post to learn all about Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “a song from your childhood.” Think of a song from your childhood and just write. Have fun!

Today is my Dad’s birthday. Had he lived he would be 96 today. I miss him fiercely. He was my best friend, my confidant and my lifelong advisor who had a way of listening more than advising.

Tomorrow I fly to Florida to help out the week before our seventh grandchild is born. I know my Dad is watching over us all and would be thrilled to welcome his new great-grandson into the  family.

Our nuclear family traveled a lot by car, especially after we moved to Ohio. The 12 hour drives back to Virginia were long and we often passed the time singing.

My Dad’s bass voice was perfectly suited for the hymn Steal Away. It gives me chills just closing my eyes now and remembering the texture of his voice. He was a multi-faceted man and also loved singing songs like Little Brown Jug and we kids loved it!

The song that is most present in my mind today though is Chatanooga Choo Choo. I am so grateful for those long car rides and learning to appreciate the songs of my parent’s generation.

Happy Birthday, Daddy. I will never get over missing you.

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Stick It – SoCS

Linda has presented us with a rather common four-letter word this week. Should be a piece of cake, right?  If you want to give it a shot then check out her post and join the party.

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “tape.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Use it any way you like. Enjoy!

Somewhere along the route that we call progress, the art of pin curls went away. My mother could ‘set’ her hair in a flash – no mirror required. Every move of her fingers was precise, fastening every strand of hair into place. My sister was pretty good at pin curls, too. Me? Not so much.

Somewhere in the 60s, hairstyles got shorter (Thanks Twiggy). Even pin curls require enough hair to wrap into circles in order to pin with a bobby pin. Enter pink hair setting tape sold under the Scotch tape brand. Instead of pinning the hair into place, this low tack tape was used to tape hair in place. Little side curls would be taped to the side of the face securing it until the hair dried. Those pesky bangs could also be secured so they didn’t ‘flip’ while drying.

Sadly, fashion has moved on. Hair set tape is no longer sold. Never fear though, you can get used roll – dispenser and all – for about $30 on eBay (I think it sold for 69¢ back in the day). I knew I should have kept mine!

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Too Many M’s – SoCS

Linda, Linda, Linda. You have definitely thrown down the gauntlet this week. We never know what challenge she is going to send out way. Why not check out her post and join in on the fun?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “mat/met/mitt/mot/mutt.” Choose one or use them all, any way you’d like in your post. Have fun!

It is rare for me to pull out the dictionary for a three letter word, but alas, Linda got me this week. Mot is short for bon mot – taken from the French – it means a witty remark. Who says blogging is not educational?

I once took a class to learn how to mat my own photos. It gets very expensive to enter an art showing requiring framed works if you must pay someone to do that work. Now I own my own mat cutter but have not framed anything since I retired.

Thursday my friend and I met for a mid-morning breakfast. We ate in a small cafe tucked into a niche on a narrow side street. It was a lovely extended breakfast. What did I have to eat, you ask? I enjoyed a Chai latte and a slice of a ham and cheese frittata. It was delicious but the best part was catching up with my friend.

Did you know you can use vaseline to condition a baseball mitt? Of course, you must still work that glove before it responds well.

Lastly, I wonder if any of my readers are old enough to remember the “Mutt and Jeff” comic strip written by cartoonist Bud Fisher. Did you know comic strips were first frowned upon because the reader had to read horizontally rather than vertically? Comics were traditionally only one panel.

Whew! That further taxed my already taxed brain this morning!

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What’s in a Name? – SoCS and #JusJoJan 2023

Welcome to day twenty-eight of Just Jot It January for 2023 combined with SoCS. Today’s prompt from Linda is ’throw in the towel’.

Did you know there is a fingernail polish color named “Throw in the Towel”? I wonder what mood might inspire me to wear it? Do women buy products based on the name? Well, perhaps not totally but it sure does help.

Take my daughter for instance. She wears the same lipstick color everyday. It is called “Sorry Not Sorry”.

My sister loved to go to the casinos in Cherokee to play the slots. She always had a manicure before going and loved to wear “Royal Flush Blush” polish on her nails. I don’t know if it was her or the polish but she always had good luck!

It made me think I should come up with a line of colors just for women of a certain age (my certain age). I could see a nice blush pink I would call ‘Hush I’m Napping’ or perhaps a black and blue evening polish I would label ‘My Aching Knees’.

I think I might be on to something.

Written as part of Linda Hill’s SoCS and JusJoJan 2023

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Count On It – SoCS and #JusJoJan 2023

Welcome to day twenty-one of Just Jot It January for 2023 combined with SoCS. Today’s prompt from Linda is ’count on it’.

You know that old saying “if anything can go wrong, it will”? That’s how I feel about myself and medicine. If there is a side effect, no matter how rare, I will experience it. You can count on it.

Dizzy? Check.

Drowsy? Check.

Hives? Check.

Intestinal distress? Check.

Nausea? Check.

And most recently, hair loss? Check?

This is why I try everything before resorting to medication. I do appreciate the new disclaimer, though. It goes something like this:

‘There are possible side effects from this medication but your doctor has determined in your case the benefit far outweighs the risk.’

Written as part of Linda Hill’s SoCS and JusJoJan 2023