One Liner Wednesday – Wash Your Face

I have not had my hair cut, colored or styled since December. I have given hubby a haircut twice (thank you YouTube) but mine just continues to grow (and no I am not going to ask hubby to cut my hair in return).

So, since I have not been to a salon, I decided I should at least take good care of my hair. I ordered my favorite professional salon shampoo and conditioner from Aveda. It is gentle and smells great!

You may wonder where this is all leading, well, yesterday we were out and about much of the day. We drove an hour south to pick up some things at stores we do not have locally. We bought a few gifts for two of our grandchildren who are stuck inside for virtual school and dropped by for 5 minute distanced and masked visit. After all our other errands, we came home and did our normal post-outing routine of cleansing things and showering.

Going out is stressful these days and my mind kicks into high gear. When you face the reality in person, rather than sitting at home, it can be staggering.

But stepping into the shower, washing away your day is such a welcome relief. It is easy to get lost in your thoughts and before you know it, you’re washing your face with shampoo.

If you are going to wash your face with shampoo, do it with Aveda.


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