One Liner Wednesday and #JusJoJan – Let It Snow

I am beyond excited. The weather predictions are for a good snowstorm for us this weekend. If it comes to fruition, it will be our first snow this winter. We had no snow last year either. This morning the forecast is for 14 inches of the white stuff! I may look like an adult on the outside, but I am just a big kid on the inside.

❄️ LET IT SNOW! ❄️

photo of bird on a post in the snow
You can choose not to find joy in the snow and you will have less joy in your life but the same amount of snow

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One Liner Wednesday and #JusJoJan – Canned Music

I spend so little time out these days. I had a rare few minutes in the grocery store and was delighted to hear some favorite songs playing in the background. Who needs concerts when we have the grocery store?

Woman leaning over cart in grocery store
Am I getting old or is the grocery store playing great music these days?



One Liner Wednesday – Is There a Santa Claus?

“Is There a Santa Claus?”

This editorial originally from the New York Sun has become the classic response to a child’s question. I always enjoy reading it again.

“Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.”

Newspaper Article

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