Some Days I Don’t Have What It Takes

I decided to skip Song Lyric Sunday today. It was a great prompt, musicals or operas. The choices were just too numerous for me to narrow down. I did not have the energy today to do the research to make it a worthwhile read, so I decided to pause until next week. I will, however, post some videos to some of the songs I was considering below for you to enjoy if you so desire. Some days I just don’t have what it takes.

Yesterday hubby replaced some of the landscape cloth and improved the drainage in our large raised garden and amended the soil. I planted kale, Bibb lettuce, butter-crunch lettuce, chives, cabbage, broccoli, arugula, and still have spinach to plant. Our peppers are now producing like crazy and we still have a few green tomatoes that we hope will ripen enough to pick. Last night we had a hearty salad with lots of fresh dill and a baked potatoes with chives from the garden.

We woke to temperatures of 61° F this morning. We have the doors open, the sun is shining and although the temperature has risen to 75° F, the humidity is 73% which is a long way from the 99% we have had for weeks now! I feel like I can breathe again. It would not break my heart if it stayed like this for a while.

We have a bunch of limes we need to use. Hubby is our hummus maker, so I challenged him to find a hummus recipe he can make using limes instead of lemons. I think he may try one that also incorporates some of the plentiful cilantro we have growing in one of our gardens.

Blueberry peach pieSaturday I made Elizabeth Slaughter’s blueberry peach pie. My first disclaimer is that I am a pie neophyte, finding it easier to buy a mini-pie in the grocery store than make a full sized pie. But, since we had fresh peaches and plenty of fresh blueberries I thought, why not? The first problem is that I only had 12” pie pans. Those are huge especially when Elizabeth’s recipe called for a 9” pie pan. I made an emergency trip to the Dollar store and bought a 9” glass pie pan. I used the classic pie crust recipe from King Arthur’s website. Well, the crust was a bit of a crumbly mess, but I persevered. I did not add enough water for fear I was adding too much. I did not think to pierce the bottom crust and after baking it was obvious there was much too much liquid in the pie. The bottom crust was a bit of a weepy mess. But, the pie was delicious and we are eating it anyway!

Later today I will write the next in my series about the Swimmin’ Holes of my youth. Life got a bit in the way. Tomorrow is our anniversary and I will be writing the crazy story of our wedding adventure. It is a wonder it even happened, but here we are 24 years later!

Now for those songs I mentioned:

How do you top Gene Kelly singing and dancing in the rain?

What do you call the wind? From “Paint Your Wagon”.

Care for a little rap from the talented Bernadette Peters?

A little more Gene Kelly with the beautiful Cyd Charisse dancing to Heather on the Hill from “Brigadoon”.

I had an amazing art teacher,  Marie Orban, who lost her fight with breast cancer recently. What a kind and generous instructor she was. She immigrated from Budapest around the time of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. She was a dancer and I remember her reminiscing about dancing on Broadway in Sweet Charity. I do not know what year, but I wanted to share this clip of the beautiful Juliet Prowse and Chita Rivera in a number from “Sweet Charity” in her honor.