Change is in the Air

So much going on ‘out there’. I feel like everything is ‘out there’ in this pandemic. I am not sure what that implies other than this is where I feel safest these days – in my little two-bedroom house tucked away in the foothills.

Yesterday was our first full-grocery shopping day. We have been using the pick-up service since the pandemic started. I became less attentive to what I ordered, for example the 64 ounce can of mixed nuts I ordered thinking I was ordering 12 ounces. That container was the size of a coffee can! And it had peanuts in it which I cannot eat, so hubby must eat them.

All day I was sneezing and had a runny nose. I was sure I was getting sick. And getting sick these days always makes you think – Is it the virus? So, to combat the possibility, I decided to try some of the zinc lozenges I purchased just for the occasion. They were so bad I had to throw it in the trash, but not before it had sucked every morsel of moisture from my mouth and throat. When we sat down for dinner, I could not taste my food. 😳 I panicked for a moment, but it was the lozenge!

This morning I woke early while hubby slept in a bit. It was a delightful 60° F. I put the bird feeders out with the exception of the hummingbird feeder. I saw a dead bug floating inside. I proceeded to open it and pour the contents out and lo and behold there were two yellow jackets inside the feeder and they were very much alive! Sadly, I disposed of them because I could see no clear way to ‘rescue’ two angry yellow jackets.

I have come to the conclusion that none of the WordPress editor options work well with a touch screen device. The screen jumps around causing me to save the draft, exit and then edit a post. I am sure something triggers the behavior but it is beyond me.

Map of Atlantic tropical disturbancesOur weather tomorrow will be rainy, with a predicted 3+ inches of rain 🌧 as the remainder of Hurricane Sally passes through. Conditions could improve or worsen depending on the track of the storm as it moves inland. It is extremely active out in the Atlantic right now. Fortunately, most of the storms do not seem to be an ultimate threat to the continental US.

It is definitely feeling like fall is on the way. We pulled up most of our summer vegetables with the exception of our pepper plants which continue to produce a lot of peppers. Tonight I am attempting to make stuffed Italian peppers so we shall see how that turns out!




One Liner Wednesday – Breakfast Anyone?

Photo of cupcakes

“Any cupcake consumed before 9AM is, technically, a muffin.”

Brian P. Cleary

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