Just How Persnickety is This Block Editor?

I am forging ahead blindly determined to use the block editor with no research, no help and no videos to guide me. I am determined to see just how persnickety this block editor is. I was inspired to write this because Melanie over at Sparks From a Combustible Mind chose the word persnickety as her Word of the Day today. (I have now wasted several minutes trying to find out how to link to Melanie’s post. I will circle back and research. If you see a link above, you will know I was successful.

So, just for fun, I am putting in some columns. I found the shortcut for links. The problem is I am on an iPad and my keyboard does not have the standard control keys. I selected a two column block and inside this column, I inserted a paragraph block. It is still persnickety.

I had typed a bunch of stuff here but I guess I hit the wrong button and it just disappeared. I am going to resize the text I hope. (It defaulted to HUGE. and the text size does not apply to just the word highlighted.) I am not sure why the photo did not go in the second column above. This is the option to add text beside a photo. (Media and text.)

I guess this is a caption for the above photo.

persnickety: when things behave wonkily (definition by Maggie)

The above is a quote block

#1LinerWeds #IRememberWhen #TBTMemory #tranquilthursday #WDIIA 1 Liner Wednesday 1LinerWednesday 30 Day film challenge Aging Atozchallenge autumn Blogging blue ridge parkway fall Family Fibbing Friday fiction friendship grief Home Inktober inktober2020 jusjojan Just jot it january Love margaret atwood masterclass memories music nanowrimo one liner Wednesday power outage reading SLS SoCS song lyric Sunday Spring stream of consciousness Stream of Consciousness Saturday thanksgiving tranquility Tranquil thursday WATWB WordPress Writing

I had to add a paragraph to try and space below the widget. It did not help.

Above I was able to insert a widget within my post. Normally widgets are in the sidebars or the footers. Adding blocks is not difficult, but on a touch sensitive device, the keyboard sometimes gets in the way of the list of blocks. The block editor does not seem well designed for mobile devices.

Now I am going to see how persnickety it is to format individual pieces of text. I will change the color of this line. Now I want to change back this line to the default color, but just this line. That did not work. It does not seem to let me isolate a phrase and make it a different color. It treats the entire block that way.

This block and the one above are paragraph blocks. This is the color I attempted to use. Below I will see what happens if I use the CLASSIC block. (I have returned from below to test the color RED.)

I will attempt to change the color of the word pink and only that word. Okay this works only if you use the inline Code option in the floating menu. I am going to pop back to the prior block and see if that is available there.

I am back to the paragraph block. I tried to insert a video, but it quickly told me that was a premium feature to which I did not have access. Back to YouTube I guess.

Thanks, Melanie. I am now going to search for a link which I could not find in my first paragraph. It is above in the floating menu. The symbol is (-)


2020 Versus 536 AD – 111 Days Remain

Image by Ria Sopala from Pixabay

Today is September 11. I do not need to see the video replays to remember the horror of that day. I cannot imagine the horror the families of those lost must relive every day, let alone on this day. I pray no other people will ever need to suffer in this way again, but I know in my heart, there is so much evil in this world the probability of such suffering looms in the future.

I am normally a very positive person, but this year has done a number on me. It now takes work to remain upbeat. I do it by avoiding too much social media and news and by trying to focus on more positive things.

I was curious. What was the worst year in the history of mankind? It seems science has decided it was the year 536 AD.

It is estimated 50 million people worldwide died from the flu pandemic in 1918. As of this morning 914,537 people have died from Covid-19. Almost 3,000 lives were lost in the 9/11 attack. Numbers are so cold. These are real people with real families. All lost.

So what happened in 536 AD? Scientists now believe there was a devastating volcanic eruption in Iceland that shrouded much of the planet in darkness for 18 months. Temperatures dropped dramatically. Crops failed. People starved. Snow fell in summer. Famines and pandemics and more volcanic eruptions followed.

One of the things that has seen me through this crazy year has been my time outside in nature. Sure, I’ve complained about the rain and the heat and the humidity, but nature has always been right outside my door. All I ever need do is step into it. I cannot imagine 18 months without some sort of light flooding my surroundings from the heavens.

We are human, though, and we operate within our current frame of reference. California is experiencing the worst wildfires in its history. There is no daylight for much of the state now due to the smoke and haze from the fires. Environmental impacts and loss of life has been devastating this year.

Still, 2020 has not been the worst year in the history of mankind. Our presidential election looms in the future. Our citizens are still marching in the streets to shine a light on the abject racism so prevalent in our society.

So, it’s not the worst year ever, but let’s not tempt fate. I shudder to think of what could happen in the remaining 111 days.