One Liner Wednesday – No is the New Yes

When we were on the parkway, we stopped at most of the overlooks on our route to take in the different views of the mountains. I donned my mask because even outside in the fresh mountain air, people were abundant, many without masks. Better to be safe than sorry, I think.

The Park Service had signs posted at Craggy Gardens suggesting social distancing of 6’ apart. As I was walking along, I saw a man with his dog, unmasked, but respectful of everyone’s space. As I walked by, he was sitting on the rock wall trying to get a ‘selfie’ with his dog when I heard him say,

“Excuse me. Could you take a photo of me and my dog?”

My mind quickly spun into gear. Friendly guy, but no mask. He had been taking photos, handling his phone and talking into it, do doubt. I had no hand sanitizer on my person and I was a good distance from the car. I smiled, but he couldn’t see that, of course.

”Sorry, I can’t – the virus”

His face shifted to acknowledgement and realization.

”Oh, ok, yeah. I understand.”

This is my new reality. I always loved obliging people by taking their photos. Once in the car, I wondered if he had an iPhone.  💭  I could have air-dropped it. Whoops, no. No wifi. And would he want me to have his photo on my phone? 💭 

I truly was sorry. Not a fan of this new Covid Reality.

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