My Hundred Day Journey To Personal Transformation And Evolution

My daughter has found her way back to blogging again. Their life, like so many others, has been turned upside down in this pandemic. Still she perseveres.

This child of mine is so brave and I bear witness to her soul searching and discovery. When it is sorrowful or painful for her, it is tough to watch. I am so glad we have healed the wounds of our past and can lovingly support each other as we step through the next leg of our respective journeys.

Two Moms And A Toddler

When I look at my last blog post and see that I haven’t written anything since February 17th, I am simply dumbfounded. I knew it had been a while but I had no idea it had been that long. How do I begin to explain my absence for over two months? With everything going on in the world, you would think there would be no shortage of things to write about and you would be right. But, in my world, there’s been a shortage of time, energy, and motivation to sit down and write about…..well….anything.

Global pandemic aside, there have been some major changes happening in my life these past few months that have caused me to slow down and, in many cases, take pause to evaluate and recalibrate.

So…where to start? How about January – the beginning of the year and the beginning of the changes?

In late January…

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