About the Children

Image by Mary Clark from Pixabay (Altered)

Last night I received a text from my six year-old grandson. It was later than he would normally be up. The text contained a meme about loving me, praying for me, and keeping me safe from the Corona virus. It made me sad to think what must be on his little mind. We chatted over text for a bit and then I asked him if he was ok. He said yes, but I know him. When he reaches out to me late like that, his mind is active. I am sure he got the meme sent to him and he forwarded to me.

It all makes me think how hard this is on the children. It also reminds me that I need to check in with them more often to give them some semblance of normality. As grandparents, it is easy to think that we are ‘bothering’ them or disturbing their crazy schedules, but what if they yearn for us as much as we yearn for them? Our texts last night closed with a promise we would talk today and a few exchanges about loving and missing each other.

One of my grandsons is a senior this year. It is a tough reality. No spring breaks, no prom, and no graduation. Even the outlook for college in the fall is questionable. Will there be a dorm experience for college freshmen? SAT requirements are being waived in some schools. Many children are choosing to take a gap year rather than paying tuition for online classes. If they do, what are the prospects for interim jobs for these kids?

One of our granddaughters is a swimmer. No practice now. Athletics will suffer and for someone pursuing future athletic scholarships, this hurts. She had lined up a lifeguard job for the summer. That will likely not happen either.

Another granddaughter is now taking guitar and piano lessons via Zoom. I guess it is part of the ‘new normal’. She says it is working well, but I know the lack of social interaction makes it less enjoyable.

I think back to these times in my life, when I was a young teen or an older teenager. It would have been a tough and frustrating way to live. Putting myself in their shoes makes me see it a little more clearly.

I just paused because my grandson FaceTimed me. I knew he was lonely when he sent me a text me last night. We chatted for a bit and will talk again after he does his school work. These are difficult times for them.

We did ask all the grandchildren to choose a fun book and we will have them shipped from Amazon. We wanted them to have something of their choosing – it does not matter what as long as their parents approve. Even comic books, graphic novels, sudoku, crosswords, sheet music, or sticker books. It’s all about having a break from the norm.