#WDIIA – Thursday, April 2, 2020

New month, new photo. Can you believe the calendar finally rolled around to April? That was absolutely the longest March ever!


Yesterday, I finally got it together and baked a loaf of bread. I have not made yeast bread in oh, 30 years or so. I remembered a lot going through the process. I think the first proof could have been longer. It rose reasonably well and it tastes great so I am happy. I only have white flour, but times are tough. We use what we can get. I tried to get more flour and yeast, but so far no luck. I have enough to make another two loaves or so.

This week we placed our first grocery order to be picked up. All our grocery chains are so booked I could not get a time slot for pickup. I finally figured out the algorithm for Walmart, so I managed to get an order placed and a time slot scheduled. They will bring it out to the car, so we do not need to go in the store at all. Such a relief.

I’m not watching a lot of news, but hubby is telling me they now think it may have helped if we had all worn masks because of how they are learning this COVID-19 spreads. Of course, with the shortages, I do not know what that would have done to our healthcare providers. I do not know how they find the strength to get up and go to work every day. So many heroes in our current world.

Florida finally went on a 30 day stay at home order. I am so relieved for my family and friends that live there. So relieved.

On another note, I took lots of photos of our spring flowers yesterday. I will post a few below. Three of my newly planted sunflowers 🌻 are coming up, and I have pea shoots poking through the ground along with a few stalks of asparagus. Last night for dinner we had a large garden salad. Sadly, it was the last of our lettuce from last fall. It was a nice refreshing meal, though.

It’s another cool and sunny day outside. I am going to fix a brunch for us, then head outside to enjoy some sunshine.

How are you keeping track of your days? I hope things are well in your world.