#WDIIA – Tuesday, Apr 7, 2020 – Calling all COBOL Programmers


A friend sent me an article about the state of New Jersey hoping for us old COBOL programmers to come out of retirement and help with their failing unemployment system as volunteers. They may have a tough go of it as Connecticut has joined forces with a few other states to recruit (and pay) COBOL programmers to help them revamp their older failing mainframe systems. I think hubby and I will both stay retired.

This is just one of the unusual turn of events of this new not-normal normal.

My writing class suggested we write 30 minutes about our home environment in this historic time. Much as our ancestors wrote about living through the Spanish Flu epidemic. I was surprised at what came out of that 30 minute writing. Did you ever think the things you write might be looked at in the future as a history lesson? I must admit it never crossed my mind. My friends are keeping a pandemic daily journal, so I know some people have given it thought.

It is interesting to think that the types of written messages once conveyed in handwritten letters by our ancestors will have disappeared in favor of short video sharing or text messages or social media exchanges. Generations of communication in little bits and pieces dangling out there only accessible to the electronic world.

I feel I am on the edge of a vertigo episode. The weather is changing. I can hear thunder in the background and I feel like my ears are plugged. So, I took some Dramamine and hope I can ‘nip it in the bud’.

That’s it for my What Day Is It Anyway post for today.


Writing Challenge Invitation – #FUN20097

Welcome to another writing challenge invitation. It’s time to be creative again.

The instructions are as follows:

  1. Write an uplifting or funny short piece. The goal is to lift spirits.
  2. Use the hashtag #FUN20097 (today’s Julian date)
  3. Pingback to this post or leave a link in the comments to share your stories here. (If you have never commented on my blog, links will need to be approved.)
  4. Below you will find several ‘gifts’. Choose one or several to include in your writing. You must choose at least one.
  5. Have fun!

Number #1


Include and describe something that washed up on the beach.

Number #2






Include a carrier pigeon and the message it carries.

Number #3.


Create a character with one of these characteristics:

  • a limp
  • a birthmark on their forehead
  • a head full of stark white hair