First Line Friday – No Can Do

First Line Fridays is hosted by Dylan Hughes at Mindlovesmisery’s Menagerie. She gives the first line and we do the rest.

“Whatever you do, you can’t do that.”

”Says who?” As far as Sara was concerned non-technical managers were useless. They never understood the problem and never had a clue about the solution.

“You are NOT rebooting the system! You really should show me some respect. You’re lucky to have this job.”

”Lucky? I’m lucky? The one who has been here since midnight? I’m the lucky one?”

”Don’t get yourself get in a tizzy now. We need to get the system back up and running before they start the board meeting. Now be a good girl and find another solution.”

Sara was boiling. After all the changes the system had to be rebooted. “It must be rebooted, Jim!”

”No. we are not bring down the entire network. No way!”

That was the last straw. Sara locked her computer screen and grabbed her wallet.

”Just where do you think you’re going?”

”Coffee. Going to get a cup of coffee.”

”What about the system? What will I tell Mr Bergman?”

”Tell him you would not let me reboot the system. Too bad nothing else will fix it.” Sara took a deep breath and walked toward the elevator knowing this might be her last coffee from the company cafeteria.


Fibbing Friday October 22, 2021 – Collective Nouns

Di and Frank take turns hosting Fibbing Friday. Di is up this week.

Di asked us to try our hand at imagining a new definition of the following collective nouns. My answers are italicized.

1. A walk of retirees.
2. A bed of butterflies.
3. A horde of Halloweeners.
4. A bike of cycles.
5. A rhumba of vacuums.
6. A shrewdness of lawyers.
7. A raft of sailors.
8. A mess of politicians.
9. A huddle of gossips.
10. A family of flamingos.

Thanks, Di. That was fun!