42 thoughts on “I am in Facebook Jail”

  1. I have never been on Facebook, and never will. But I was recently banned from Twitter for 12 hours, and had no idea why. The last tweet I had posted was completely innocuous, just one of my blog posts. They ‘froze me out’ for 12 hours, with no possibility of appeal that I could find..
    Best wishes, Pete.

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  2. Yup. I made a sarcastic remark once and they locked me out but after a couple days they released me on parole. I see now where the Zuck is thinking a change of name would help FB’s image.. Silly goose!

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    1. No blog there. I have a family page and a few groups I frequent. I cannot access anything. Even help screens take me back to the same round of non-functioning pages.


  3. For me, there is nothing more frustrating when a tech problem occurs than: a) Not being able to talk to a real person, followed by b) Trying the various fix options found online or elsewhere, only to find they don’t work. You sound so calm – you must be a more patient woman than I am!

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    1. I was really bugged last night, but there is absolutely nothing I can do. It was just a reminder that they control everything and in the blink of an eye it disappears. I am so glad I do not try to manage a business presence there.


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