Song Lyric Sunday – Let’s Get It On

The prompt from Jim:

This week a rather different prompt where you are supposed to find songs where somebody is having sex, or talking about it, insinuating sex, or hinting about sex.

In my late teens and early 20s I loved listening to Motown music. This is where I first fell in love with Marvin Gaye’s voice as he sang with Tammi Terrell. I never lost my fondness for him and I was devastated when he was shot and killed by his own father. After surviving a brutal childhood at the hands of his father and being assassinated by him, I was bitter his father never went to prison. Marvin Gaye was killed at 44. Another legendary talent, lost too soon. Those with such talent live on through their music and that makes us the fortunate recipients of their gifts.

“Let’s Get It On” was originally written by Ed Townsend who wrote and sang the great Do Wop song “For Your Love” in 1958. He suffered from alcoholism and the original lyrics for the song were actually about overcoming alcoholism. It was about overcoming tribulations and getting on with life. After some lyric changes, all you need do is listen and watch Marvin Gaye sing the song and you know it’s all about sex.

My favorite scene from a movie that uses this song is from “Something’s Gotta Give”. If you have not seen the movie, Diane Keaton is appalled her very young daughter is dating a very old guy (Jack Nicholson). I love Frances McDormand in this movie – actually I think all the casting is brilliant. This scene sets the premise for the movie and the musical choice here is spot on.

Of course with great music, often comes conflict. Popular singer Ed Sheeran (whom I really like) is currently embroiled in legal battles claiming he plagiarized “Let’s Get It On” in his song “Thinking Out Loud”. There are currently three lawsuits filed in this matter. Copyright laws are complicated when it comes to music and I’m glad I am not in the position of deciding these cases.  I am not sure I would have ever detected this myself, but after watching this video, maybe there is some basis for the lawsuits. It’s tough in the music industry these days, but Sheeran doesn’t help himself by creating a mashup of the two songs in concert.

As I listen to Marvin Gaye sing this song, I cannot help but mourn for a man who struggled with feelings of sexuality because of his upbringing. From all I read, he was able to reconcile these feelings so that he could normalize sexual feelings and overcome his childhood trauma through his own search for spirituality. There is often so much more behind the song and the lyrics than we can ever imagine.

Let’s Get It On
Lyrics from

I’ve been really tryin’, baby
Tryin’ to hold back this feeling for so long
And if you feel like I feel, baby
Then, c’mon, oh, c’mon

Let’s get it on
Ah, baby, let’s get it on
Let’s love, baby
Let’s get it on, sugar
Let’s get it on

We’re all sensitive people
With so much to give
Understand me, sugar
Since we’ve got to be here
Let’s live
I love you

There’s nothing wrong with me
Loving you, baby no no
And giving yourself to me can never be wrong
If the love is true, oh baby

Ooh don’t you know how sweet and wonderful life can be ooh
I’m asking you baby to get it on with me ooh ooh
I ain’t gonna worry
I ain’t gonna push, won’t push you baby
So c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, baby
Stop beatin’ ’round the bush, hey

Let’s get it on
Let’s get it on
You know what I’m talkin’ ’bout
C’mon, baby
Let your love come out
If you believe in love
Let’s get it on
Let’s get it on, baby
This minute, oh yeah
Let’s get it on
Please, please get it on

I know and you know what I’ve been dreaming of, don’t you baby?
My whole body makes that feelin’ of love, I’m happy
I ain’t gonna worry, no I ain’t gonna push
I won’t push you baby, woo

C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon, darlin’
Stop beatin’ ’round the bush
Oh, gonna get it on
Threatenin’ you, baby
I wanna get it on
You don’t have to worry that it’s wrong
If the spirit moves ya
Let me groove ya good
Let your love come down
Oh, get it on

C’mon, baby
Do you know the meaning?
I’ve been sanctified
Girl, you give me good feeling
I’ve been sanctified

Oh dear I, baby
Nothing wrong with love
If you want to love me just let your self go
Oh baby, let’s get it on

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The Last Photo – September 2021

Bushboy has again invited us to share the last photo on our camera or our phone for the month of September. No explanations necessary. Here are the rules:

The rules are simple:
1. Post the last photo on your SD card or last photo on your phone for the 30th of September.
2. No editing – who cares if it is out of focus, not framed as you would like or the subject matter didn’t cooperate.
3. You don’t have to have any explanations, just the photo will do
4. Create a Pingback to this post or link in the comments
5. Tag “The Last Photo” or #LastOnTheCard

Here’s mine from my iPhone:

Dogwood in Autumn



SoCS – Dan’s in the House

I was quite surprised to see Dan in charge of SoCS this week. I think he did a nice job challenging everyone with his prompt. I knew he would not make it easy on us. Pop over to Linda’s place to join in: Life in Progress – check out the rules and the contribution of other bloggers. (Pssst, Linda’s hanging out at the bar with Cheryl, Dan, and David so pop over there, too, especially if you meet the challenge and get to collect a free drink on David. Skippy’s going to be sad he missed this one!)

This week, the prompt is:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “inspire/aspire/expire.” Use them in any form you like. Use one, use two or use them all if you want. If you use two, you get bonus points! If you use all three, Cheryl will put your next drink on David’s tab. Enjoy!

It is a beautiful autumn morning here. The temperature is moderate, the position of the sun has shifted and now beams into my living room. If we had a cat, there is no doubt this would be a preferred sleeping spot, sprawled out in the midst of a sunbeam.

I cannot help but think about my children this morning. Each with their own families. I try to think back and remember if either of them had aspirations of a particular career. My son has his own business and has done well as an entrepreneur. My daughter lost her job during the pandemic but has fought back and now has the best job she’s ever had. I marvel at both of them and I am so proud of all they accomplished.

I never wanted my children to aspire to have the same career I had or to follow a similar path. Instead, I wanted them to find their own aspirations and live a life that made them happy. The only real goal I hoped they would aspire to was being a good, honest and kind person. Both have exceeded my hopes.

Now they have children and I see them working hard to inspire them to follow their dreams. It is so fulfilling to see them each come into their own. Even as young as four, I see exploration and determination. It gives a grandmother all the good feels.

At this stage of life, it can sometimes be a struggle to find new footing. To decide how to spend our days. I did not feel any sense of loss by leaving the workforce. It was a relief to me. The great thing about life, is that its chances and opportunities do not expire. We can choose any new path at any time.  And I find that inspiring.

(Cheryl, what good microbrews do you have on hand? I’m on my way to the bar.)