Song Lyric Sunday – A Ray Stevens Duo

The prompt from Jim:

This week the theme is Communication, Information, News, Telephone suggested by Di of pensitivity101.

I decided to infuse a little humor this week.

Are you old enough to remember when ‘streaking’ was a thing? No? Here’s the Wikipedia Definition:

Streaking is the act of running nude through a public area for publicity, as a prank, a dare, or a form of protest. Streaking is often associated with sporting events, but can occur in more secluded areas. Streakers are often pursued by sporting officials or the police.”

Ray Stevens, a country novel/comedy singer, started writing “The Streak” after reading a news article about ‘streaking’ while on an airplane. He did not finish it immediately, but when ‘streaking’ became a craze he rushed to finish the lyrics and get it recorded. The song was recorded in 1973 and by 1974 it reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Singles chart in the US.

Five days after the release, Robert Opel, a photographer from San Francisco, streaked across the stage behind David Niven at the Academy Awards. The event was live so you can imagine the surprise. It was later revealed (no pun intended) that this was a planned publicity stunt.

There were 30 some odd songs recorded about streaking, but this was the one that people tend to remember.

“The Streak”
Lyrics from

SPOKEN: Hello, ev’ryone, This is your Action News reporter with all the news that
is news across the nation on the scene at the supermarket. There seems to have
been some disturbance here. Pardon me, sir, did you see what happened?

SPOKEN: Yeah, I did. I’s standin’ over there by the tomaters and here he comes-
runnin’ through the pole beans, through the fruits ”n’ vegetables, nekked as a
jaybird. ‘n’ I hollered over t’Ethel, I said “DON’T LOOK, ETHEL!!” ‘n’ it’s too late-
she’d already been INcensed.

(Here he comes)
Looka dat, looka dat
(There he goes)
Looka dat, looka dat
(And he ain’t wearin’ no clothes)

Whoa, yes they call him The Streak <“zipppp” kazoo sound>
(Looka dat, looka dat)
Fastest thing on two feet
Looka dat, looka dat
He’s just as proud as he can be of his anatomy
He gun give us a peek
Oh, yes they call him The Streak <“zipppp” kazoo sound>
(Looka dat, looka dat)
He likes to show off his physique
(Looka dat, looka dat)
If there’s an audience to be found
He’ll be streakin’ A-round invitin’ public critique <“zipppp” kazoo sound>

SPOKEN: This is your Action News reporter once again and we’re here at the gas
station. Pardon me, sir, did you see what happened?

SPOKEN: Yeah, I did. I’s just in here gettin’ my tawres checked ‘n’ he just
appeared outta the back. Come streakin’ around the grease rack there-didn’t have
nuthin on but a smile!! I looked at her and Ethel was gettin’ ‘er a cold drink. I
hollered “DON’T LOOK, ETHEL!!” But it’s too late-she’d already been MOONED!!
Flashed her right there in front of the shock absorbers!!

(He ain’t crude)
(Looka dat, looka dat)
(He ain’t rude)
(Looka dat, looka dat)
(He’s just in the mood to run in the nude)

Whoa, yes they call him The Streak <“zipppp” kazoo sound>
(Looka dat, looka dat)
He likes to turn other cheek
(Looka dat, looka dat)
He’s always makin’ the news wearin’ just his tennis shoes
Guess you could call him unique <“zipppp” kazoo sound>

SPOKEN: Once again, your Action News reporter in the booth at the gym covering
the disturbance at the basketball playoff. Pardon me, sir, did you see what

SPOKEN: Yeah, I did. Halftime, I’s just goin’ down there to get Ethel a snow cone.
Here he come, right outta the cheap seats, dribblin’. Right down the middle of the
floor. Didn’t have on nothin’ but his Keds! Made a hook shot and got out through
the concession stand. I hollered up at Ethel, I said “DON’T LOOK, ETHEL!!”..Too
late. She’d already gotten a free shot. Grandstand. Right there in front of the
home team.

Whoa, yes they call him The Streak <“zipppp” kazoo sound>

CLOSING: Not totally decipherable because 3 things are going on at once. Ray is
singing a verse and the backup singers are doing (Looka dat, looka dat) while Ray,
on an overlaid track is speaking “Ethel! Is that you
Ethel? < He’s just as proud as he can be > What do you think
you’re doin? < He gonna give us a peek> You get your clothes on !!”
Whoa, yes they call him The Streak <“zipppp” kazoo sound>
“Ethel, where you goin’? < He likes to show off his physique> Ethel, you
shameless hussy!!” invitin’ public critique> Say it isn’t SO, Ethel!!


The second Ray Stevens song is “It’s Me Again, Margaret” written and recorded in 1974 by Paul Craft where it reached #55 on Billboard’s Hot Country chart. Ray Stevens recorded the song and released it in 1984.

Before caller-id and cell phones and call blocking and answering machines, there was one option when your phone rang. Either answer it or let it ring. This made it easy for ‘dirty old men’ to prey on women late at night. In reality calls like that could be frightening and little could be done to prevent them. This song pokes fun at obscene phone calls and since song has my given name in it, I find it funny.

“It’s Me Again Margaret”
lyrics from Genius Lyrics

Well, there once was a feller named Willard McVane
And he only had just one thought on his brain
Every evening about midnight he’d sneak off alone
And call the same lady on a pay telephone

It’s me again, Margaret
Hello, is this Margaret?
You don’t know me, Margaret, but I know you

Well, this upset the lady and it gave her the blues
So she called up the police, said What shall I do?
The chief of detectives came round to her home
And eavesdropped upon them on her upstairs phone

It’s me again, Margaret
Hello, is this Margaret?
Margaret, I know it’s you, Margaret
Are you naked?

Well, they called up Ma Bell and they traced him on down
To a funky old phone booth on the outskirts of town
It was there that the vice squad with their field glasses read
The lips of that amorous man as he said

It’s me again, Margaret
Hello? Is this, is this Margaret?
I know it’s you, Margaret
I bet you can’t guess what I’m doing

Well, they cuffed him and dragged him to the station downtown
And they allowed him one phone call ‘fore the jailer came round
He wet his chapped lips and he cleared his young throat
Then he dialed the telephone and softly he spoke

‘It’s me again, Margaret
They got me, Margaret
You ain’t going to miss me, Margaret, I know that
But I’ll miss you
And when I get out, Margaret
I’m going to come over there with an egg beater
And a live chicken, and some peach preserves!
We’ll have a good old time, Margaret!

I hope you at least chuckled a little this week.

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