Monday Missive – July 27, 2020


I am writing this in the truck on the way to the Farmers’ Market and then on to the grocery store. Our pickup order last week was out of stock on a large number of items so now we must fill in the spaces.

I finished the book “Inheritance”. It was really enjoyable and left me with some spiritual questions which I will write about here later this week. I love reading about other people’s genealogy searches because I often find tips about my own searches. (I found a great one this week watching a re-run of “Who Do You Think You Are”.)

This morning I started reading We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. It is proving to be a fast read which is good for a library book. I love getting ebooks from the library. The wait times can be quite long, maybe longer because of the pandemic. The demand is quite high right now, so renewing an ebook is almost impossible. That can be a positive, though because it serves as incentive to read! And it is free!

Speaking of libraries, did you know that most urban libraries have great online offerings like online classes, access to genealogy websites and even access to language software? If you have not checked out your library’s online offerings, this might be a great time to take a peek. I love libraries!

That reminds me, I also have a subscription to While perusing this week, I found this fantastic photo of my mom (far right) when she taught school (grades 1-5) in the one-room schoolhouse where I grew up. Mom actually taught my oldest sister. I just love stumbling on these rare finds!


I think my new creative workspace is complete! I will be writing about it along with photos soon. I am excited!

I have continued to work on this post throughout the day. It was a lengthy day shopping. We decided to knock everything out at once since we were out. That means we get to cancel our curbside pickup this week and have one less day out among the people. I was pleased that the vast majority of people were masked and observing social distancing.

We had a sparse and late lunch. Hubby made hummus yesterday so we toasted some pita bread and enjoyed it with the hummus. We also ate some of my latest batch of dill pickles (they get better every time). Hubby made some spicy red pepper infused avocado oil which he added to his hummus. I passed. I like my tastebuds just the way they are.

When I received my new iPad, it also came with a free year subscription to AppleTV. Another something to explore. If you subscribe and have suggestions, drop them in the comments.

It is time I hit publish and get dinner started. Later. Stay safe everyone!



30 Day Film Challenge / Day 27

Today the challenge is your favorite superhero film.

I am going old school on this one — all the way back 42 years ago. “Superman” was released in 1978, directed by Richard Donner. With a musical score by Paul Williams and a cost of $50 million, the film earned over $300 million at the box office.

Superman was one of THE superheroes of my childhood, so maybe I have a special affinity for the character. I loved Christopher Reeve in the lead role and with the star studded cast, it might have been difficult to miss with consumers.


I decided to take on this challenge for July after reading about it from SandmanJazz. Check out his blog and his entry for the twenty-seventh day of the challenge. Maybe even join in!