30 Day Film Challenge/Day 14

Today the challenge is your favorite film from your least favorite genre.

My mom was all about war movies – anything with real action in it. Me? Not so much. Her favorite television shows were 12 O’clock and Rat Patrol to give you an example.

She and I took an afternoon when I was in school and went to the movie theater – a really rare occasion for us. She chose the movie — “Where Eagles Dare” starring Richard Burton, Clint Eastwood, and Mary Ure. The film was shot in Austria and Bavaria and the cinematography was amazing.

The film was based on a novel by Alistair Maclean who also wrote the screenplay. This allowed the movie to stay true to the book.

It is said to be Steven Spielberg’s favorite war movie. So now I have something in common with him.

It was a great action-packed movie and is now considered a classic. I appreciate it as a film but also as a very special memory of my mom.

I decided to take on this challenge for July after reading about it from SandmanJazz. Check out his blog and his entry for the fourteenth day of the challenge. Maybe even join in!


Trying Tuesday – iOS Technology Woes

apple desk laptop macbook
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Last night was great. We had a nice evening. I made brownies which we topped with vanilla ice cream for dessert. I slept well. This morning I made pancakes for breakfast and settled in for a moment to read. That’s where the trouble started.

Last night, I plugged my iPad in to charge and went to sleep. This morning a new update had been applied. Now this is a process I have always used as I believe in staying current.

Yes, I could have read about the update, but so often they are meaningless. I should have checked to see if there were problems with the update but I did not. It was a security patch — seems important.

Instead, the update to iOS 13.5.1 was applied (the same version on my phone).

Well, my iPad is now crashing and rebooting constantly. I have updated all my apps and done a hard reset. Nada. I have plenty of storage on my iPad.

It is a reported problem — seemingly the iPad Pro is the most vulnerable.

Since I do not keep anything of importance on the device I have not paid for iCloud storage to back it up. With the removal of iTunes well…there is no backup.

So I dug out my old iPad (and I mean brick old). I charged it up and then realized I did not remember the passcode.  After a few tries I got in. Of course there are errors all over the place for passwords that have changed many times.

All I want to do is read my Kindle book and airdrop my photos over from my new iPad while I wait for Apple to deploy a fix.

I could install the Beta version….I doubt I would be worse off.

Maggie is lackadaisical. Don’t be like Maggie.