Embracing The Unexpected: How My Dream Job Found ME.


I am so proud of my daughter for her personal growth and for her determination in these unprecedented times. After what has been undoubtedly the four most difficult months of her life, the fog has lifted. She got her dream job and this blog tells the story!

Two Moms And A Toddler

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It has been a while since I’ve taken the time to sit down and piece a blog together. I know I promised myself I would blog once a week when I picked it back up, but you know…life happens. And it has been happening to me.

I’m so pleased to finally be able to share some good news in my life. As of July 10th, I completed my Advance Professional Diploma in Project Management and Leadership through Shaw Academy. This was something I started in April and I’m so proud of myself for finishing strong. I passed all four modules with a 95% or higher.

On top of this accomplishment, I found a JOB (insert happy dance here) — A good one, too! So today, I want to share the details of that experience because it totally took me be surprise in all the best…

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30 Day Film Challenge/Day 19

Today the challenge is a film set in the future.

When I was attending high school in a suburb outside of Akron, Ohio, I listened to the radio all the time. It was the only choice for music on the go. As a teenager, music was as important as food or breathing or so it seemed at the time.

Oddly, after joining the Air Force I was stationed back in Ohio. One summer afternoon I called into the radio station to enter whatever contest was going on at the time. I won two prizes. One was an “Oldies but Goodies” 10 or 12 album gift set (black background with huge gold lettering — in HI-FI don’t you know) and two tickets for the movie “Soylent Green”.

This 1973 dystopian sci-fi film takes place in 2022 in a world facing overpopulation. People in New York City are starving. (Seeing what has happened in 2020, perhaps the movie is not as crazy as it seemed to me in 1973.) Could Soylent Green be the answer? This rather dark film starring Charlton Heston and Edward G. Robinson would be Robinson’s last film.

I decided to take on this challenge for July after reading about it from SandmanJazz. Check out his blog and his entry for the nineteenth day of the challenge. Maybe even join in!


A Shoutout to Fellow Blogger Darren Lidstrom

I have been following Darren’s blog for quite a while now. I always enjoy it when his blog pops up and he shares the complexity of life and healing after a tremendous loss. I particularly enjoy his backyard jam sessions on the guitar at his little red schoolhouse.

Like so many people during this pandemic, job loss has been a tough reality. Darren’s employer (King Arthur Flour) and his temporary employer (Upper Valley Haven) worked together to help see him through.

It was nice to see him featured and recognized in this article: Connecting with Darren: Finding Good in a Pandemic

Check out Darren’s blog, too, if you do not already follow him. Thirty Days of Mo(u)rning


Song Lyric Sunday – Porcupine Pie

It’s Sunday and it seems all the bloggers have been summoned to the kitchen. This week Jim’s instructions (as suggested by Caramel in conjunction with the Blogger’s Bake off) are to use the words Baking / Bread / Cake / Pie / Picnic as inspiration.

The first song I thought of was Neil Diamond’s “Porcupine Pie”. I had his “Hot August Night” album from his 1972 live concert at The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. “Porcupine Pie” is the first track on side two of this double album. There seems to be a great deal of disdain for this song and Diamond’s banter on the album.

I could not find out much about the song online except that it may have been written for his 2-year-old son along with the song “Gitchy Goomy”.

Porcupine Pie
Lyrics from
Porcupine pie, porcupine pie, porcupine pie
Vanilla soup, a double scoop please
No, maybe I won’t, maybe I won’t, maybe I will
The tutti fruit with fruity blue cheese

Ah, but porcupine pie, porcupine pie, porcupine pie
Don’t let it get on your jeans
And though it sounds a little strange
Well, you gotta eat it with gloves

Or your hands will turn green

Ah, but porcupine pie, porcupine pie, porcupine pie
It weaves it’s web from a drink
And I do believe I’m gonna get one
And leave enough room for dessert
Chicken ripple ice cream

Why not join in on this Sunday blogging ritual. Pop over to Jim Adams blog to check out the rules and read some of the great musical posts.