#WATWB Comes to an End

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Welcome back to the final monthly bloghop – We Are The World Blogfest. The last Friday of each month has been dedicated to shining a light on the good news throughout our world. It is something we all have needed in these past few years. My hat is off to those who so faithfully carried the mission forward, spreading light into the darkness. Even though this effort comes to a close today, let us continue to carry on, sharing an equal amount of good and positive news whenever we can.

WATWB is co-hosted this month by Sylvia McGrath ( ) and Belinda Witzehausen (

I will admit to filtering my news feed to limit the amount of horrible news I read coming out of Ukraine, but there are so many stories of humanity that must not be overlooked.

The first story is one of Polish mothers leaving strollers at the train station for fleeing Ukranian mothers with their children. You can read the entire story here.

The second story is of a Ukranian mother who stopped to play one final Chopin piece on her piano in the ruins of her bombed out house. It is hard to watch the video because it shows the damage, but also shows the beauty in the resilience of the human spirit. You can watch the video here.

And last, the story of a woman who took a Ukranian father’s children across the border when he could not leave the country. This woman had to leave her own adult children in Ukraine because of their professions but took a stranger’s children to safety and into their mother’s arms in Hungary. You can read the entire story here.

You can read more good news in the #WATWB Facebook community here or on Twitter at @WATWB.


27 thoughts on “#WATWB Comes to an End”

  1. There are so many good stories of the resilient human heart coming from Ukraine, Poland and elsewhere – amid the devastation that the majority of us cannot fathom. I think of the people of the Ukraine often and how horrible it is to lose their belongings, their home, their community and sometimes their loved ones. My heart goes out to them, deeply.

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    1. I sometimes think just reading the stories is more than I can bear, then I realize they have no way to escape the horror and must carry on in the worst of times. The stories of their determination and resilience amaze me.

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  2. Thanks Maggie for your post. I’ll check the links later. I know of many stories from TV of acts of courage among this devastation .. each one a testament of the human heart and its goodness and kindness.


  3. Great post, what’s happening there is breaking my heart but the acts of courage and kindness are really showing the resilience of the Ukrainian people and the empathy of those who are helping where they can. Thanks so much for being a part of #WATWB. It was such a difficult decision to make but I feel blessed to have crossed paths with so many wonderful bloggers such as yourself. Thanks again!🤗

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    1. I am honored to have played a small part in #WATWB. It has been such a wonderful practice reminding me of the human spirit and the humanity that hopefully will always rise to the top. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.

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  4. I feel bittersweet about WATWB ending. I did it the first year and enjoyed it. After that I read what other people wrote and shared. Something to look forward to. It is/was a good source of light in a dark world. Glad it happened, hope something comes along to take its place.

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