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SoCS – Keep Talking

Linda has given us another challenge for our stream of consciousness writing this morning. This is where you throw out the planning and just let the words flow. If you are curious what SoCS is all about, check out Linda’s post for all the details. Join the fun while you are there.

Today’s prompt is as follows:

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “rope.” Use it as a noun or a verb. Have fun!

“Give him enough rope and he will hang himself”

Another little piece of wisdom my mother often shared. These days, when you think some people have enough rope, somehow they just keep going along as if nothing can touch them.

Take our politicians for example. How in the world can we even take some of them seriously?  It reminds me of another of my mother’s gems – “They don’t hide their crazy, they put it on the front porch for everyone to see.”

I love my mom and the bits of her wisdom that still echo in my mind. I cannot help but wonder what she would think about today’s world.

Meanwhile I just keep unfurling the rope with my fingers crossed behind my back.