Will There Be Lightening Bugs?

“Will there be lightening bugs?” It is a question I often hear when family plans to come for a visit. There are others, too, of course, “Will the touch-me-nots be in bloom?” “Is it apple picking season?”

Childhood is made up of fireflies and moonlight and other magic. It is the time of observation and wonder taking in all the miracles that surround us. For many, those magical childhood moments are tucked away as memories But they never really go away, do they?

It was important to me for my children to know this magic. I took them ‘home’ often to experience the country and the unconditional love of their grandparents. They felt the same elusive magic I did, and when I gazed into my father’s eyes, I knew he saw it, too.

I watched my children squealing and screeching while  attempting to catch crawldads as they scurried backwards under a rock too large to move. They experienced the same joy I did as they touched a plump seed pod of a touch-me-not causing it to pop in the palm of their hands.

One night we laid out in the backyard sprawled on handmade quilts and watched a meteor shower well after bedtime. It was pure magic.

When the questions come now, I can only smile. For I know, no matter what the season there is a certain magic in coming home.