#FibbingFriday – 02/25/2022

It’s that time again. Put on your best lying face and see what whoppers you can tell. Fibbing Friday is hosted by Frank this week over at his blog Thoughts and Theories. The questions this week made me smile and I need the lift, so let’s go!

  • In the world of international finance, what do the abbreviations, USD and GBP stand for?
    • Much like organized crime, these bank terms have hidden meanings. United Scam Developers and Generating Big Profits.
  • What exactly is cryptocurrency?
    • Currency so secret that no one understands it. Cryptographers are working to solve the riddle and create financial freedom for everyone! I do not recommend holding your breath.
  • What is the difference between stocks and bonds?
    • Stocks are torture devices and bonds, well…consult your 50 Shades book.
  • What is meant by a “bull” market?
    • It is the term used when your financial advisor hands you a lot of bull about your financial security.
  • What is meant by a “bear” market?
    • It’s the feeling you get when you can no longer bear to watch your money slipping away…
  • What is a stock split?
    • It is the act of ripping your stock certificates to shreds when your investments go down the toilet.
  • What exactly is crowdfunding?
    • It is an insider term for making your living off the money of others.
  • What is a pension?
    • The name of a retirement which will be worth pennies when you finally get around to retiring.
  • What is a 401(k)?
    • It is a retirement system designed when businesses decided they did not want to “profit share” their profits.
  • What is day trading?
    • It is your retirement job as an EBay seller selling all the stuff you bought while you were gainfully employed.


I Am Not Supposed to ‘Stand with Ukraine’

Last night as I perused social media, I ran across people pushing this idea for various reasons.

The first reason stated that “standing with Ukraine” was meaningless. It does nothing, therefore it is an empty sentiment.

The second was that Ukraine’s government is not a much better  than Russia’s.

The third (and last because I reached my tolerance threshold) was that it was typical of Americans. We do not care about the millions of babies we kill but we care about Ukraine.

Insert eyerolls here.  🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

You may not like my wording, but I will stand with or care for or show empathy for anyone I choose. I cannot stop it, but I can care for those who stand in harm’s way. When we lose the ability to care for other human beings, we have lost our collective soul.

I have the ability to care for multiple things at the same time. It isn’t difficult.

End of rant.